Friday, December 3, 2010

Melanie Fiona - Monday Morning Official Music Video

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I got the privilege of sneaking into the Miss Ghana house yesterday. I was hoping to bump into them having dinner so I could join them but my timing was off.

That is my first time seeing all the girls together, the first time was individually at some of their auditions. They look really different, very composed and surprisingly with the same high pitched tone as they all said “Hi” to AK and I. It put a grin on my face 

I met their chaperon, Jennifer Koranteng of Muse; well she’s former Miss GH contestant and Miss Ghana Universe. Jennifer tells me the girls have changed in their manners and now know how to dress and talk properly and most importantly about punctuality, punctuality? I laughed, Ghana mentality u go fit change?

“I now know how to make up and dress properly, which earrings to wear with what and what to say when” Nadja, one of the contestants.

Heels is a common sight in the house as the girls walk perfectly in it (am lying, there was one girl I couldn’t help laughing at) they have it in all colours and don’t even wear slippers when they walking about the house.

I found that interesting and admirable, I asked Esi if she would continue doing that after she goes home, she smiled and said “ it depends on how far I get in the contest”, a very sincere and outspoken contestant, I kina seemed to like her.

The ladies have really TRANSFORMED from whatever to beautiful and trained.

I mean, isn’t that the essence of a beauty contest?, it is an avenue for young ladies to be discovered and sharpened into better ladies, and I believe Miss Ghana has done an amazing job with that.

I noticed how the girls didn’t used jargons like “wanna, gonna” in their speech.

I know all these girls have their little fantasies, winning or participating in the contest would make them achieve, some may want to get a visa and go abroad, open a boutique or a business or some other ( don’t ask me mine)

I had to go home so I had to leave, but not without tasting that delicious looking steak khebab and alvaro I was offered, please next time make it chicken aboloo............................

And oh that white handsome hunk who works with Phamous people (i think cos i saw him loitering about), i got tons of girls for ya.

May the best girl win and rock dem heels

Acknowledgment: Korkor Kugblenu

Sunday, October 10, 2010


What did Kiki think he signed up for, 6 years ago when he told Mimi he loved her.
I have met amazing couples like Shushu and AK, Mr. and Mrs. Dee who make union look easy as ABC. This other couple I met on the day before Nkrumah’s birthday.
This is the case study for all you young lovers.

An amazing young executive (event planner) in a very vibrant industry
Mimi is a wee but short (5”3) I think and butts like a fontonfrom drum. Mimi got taste ,I mean in everything, shoes, bags, clothes and……. drinks.

She knows which one rocks and which one doesn’t. No wonder AK, likes to hang with her, when she is not on drinking curfew.
Attractive, smart, intelligent and very professional, Mimi loves to chill and chill proper. Changing to her Ferragamo (no I think it was Prada that day) okay, so clinging to her Prada bag, Mimi arrived at dinner some minutes late with her partner in crime ,AK, tagging along with a white square box.

Looks calm, collected and a money finder, I mean, he knows where to find the money.
An IT geek, Kiki is one of the guys who doesn’t drink .He arrived at dinner in colorful polo shirt and with business on his mind. He is obsessed with pastries of all kind.

These two together are a blossomed bunch. They tell the most amazing stories, real life intriguing stories
If they seem so perfect, why are they a case study? because they fit despite all odds.
Kiki and Mimi have two different personalities yet they accommodate and understand each other to have a healthy and vibrant relationship.

A passionate Mimi, will kiss Kiki in front of an old man, who probably hasn’t done that in years. Kiki will kiss her as well and will jokingly tease her about her alcohol scented mouth and eye red. Mimi would retort, “that is why you have loved me for all these years” I found that very sweet, Kiki has a deep understanding of his companion, knowing she is a talker, who wouldn’t want an almost perfect relationship with deep understanding of each other?

I have full admiration for this couple who seem to make this baffling union of two so easy, yes! they would have their own issues but they make it look so easy to solve and move on.

I know men and women do not have a full grip on understanding about each other yet ,but coming to a consensus to help each other at the bridge is the best favor both can do for each other.

I believe the relationship before tying the knot is very essential, that is the time your ultimate decision is based on, as for marriage it has it own race course, but if u build yourself a better car like a BMW or a Nissan pickup (that is my fav car, fix in your fav car) with a good engine that doesn’t consume too much petrol, you would certainly have a good ride, speeding when necessary and slowing down when you have to.

Don’t we all want something like that? Do we all need something like that, Don’t we all deserve something like that……………..answer for your self

To Kiki his drunken love is his princess, “his woman” as he puts it in his own words.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Is it still funni?

I love TV and I don’t spare my eyes for any thing to send bad signals to my brain.
I love Visat 1 because of their very great movies and serials they show especially Greys Anatomy , the show where medical professionals only sleep with each other( acknowledgments to my friend), but I love the Game, friends, girlfriends and all their investigative movies.

I watched an episode of the one show which dealt with Autism, Albinism (I love the way it sounds and I love their color) and excerpts of the new comedy show laugh a minute which I have some issues with.

David Oscar the presenter, a good friend of mine didn’t do anything but ‘bore’ me to the core.

He was on the show to explain to viewers the concept behind the show and its different aspects.
I think David looks very good now, rosy cheeks and all; I must say my friend u looked good!

David cracked a few jokes and sincerely I don’t think he is hot anymore, what kind of jokes were those?

Joselyn said something that I think she might not even know its weight, stressing on the fact that David is not the only funny person (comedian) in Ghana, this should make the producers of the show work extremely hard, yes he is not the only one and certainly not anywhere close to funny.

David jokes and excerpts from the show were dry and not punching, the beginning of his jokes is heightened and creates excitement to a certain level and drops especially at the end making the listener very disappointed and confused, this would be called an anticlimax in theatre..

I have always had an issue with David’s opinion about Nigerian and Ghanaian comedians. He made a point about how Ghanaian comedians are looked down upon which I believe is certainly not true.

I remember reading an interview from the showbiz some months ago about his displeasure of a particular event organizer not using him for comedy shows, event organizers are in for the money so if you don’t cut it ,how do you get in?

Even my “boyfriend” Yaw Sakyi gets a chance to crack jobs on big stages, and then I think everyone gets a fair chance.

Laugh a minute- The Premier

Facial expression
David’s facial expressions in the montage really puts me off, I sincerely believe that they are supposed to get us ready to laugh a minute. but in reality we end up hating the minute.

The presenter tries to crack jokes before introducing the clips, these jokes turn out to be unridiciously not funny, I wonder if the presenter and the producers of the show find them funny, if they do ,then we, no! I better talk for myself,my cousin, my D friend and I have lost our sense of humor.

The Foreign Clips
I was particularly shocked at this, how could they do this to us? What is it with these old looking and not funny clips, either copied from youtube or where ever. They could have a lesson or two from KSM. David’s commentary behind the scenes makes it even annoying.

Camera Angle shots
I don’t know whether to ask the camera man or the editor, I cant understand how whenever the presenter turns to the right or left camera, we see the movement before the shot. I mean he is instructed to look at the left or right camera before or after each paragraph, but in this case we see his back turned to us viewers before the shot is actually shown, please producers take note, I don’t think we enjoy seeing David’s profile when talking to us and suddenly we see his back whilst he is still cracking the joke

I think Visat 1 should be open to writers all over the country and not try necessarily to bring up their own concepts, with their platform they should give us better things to view in connection to their local content.

Don’t anyone try to get attached to my views, masa if u think other wise free your mind.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Whip my hair- New Begining

I really want to have a haircut, with my changing jobs and all, I think it’s a new beginning for me or something else I can’t explain.

My grandfather says I shouldn’t because am young and won’t have any hair if I grow up, but I know he is scared cos my grandma (his wife) has no hair left, well not because she cut it when she was young, she has never had any.

I once grew my hair to have dreadlocks and my mum wouldn’t hear of it, so I permed it, but now I really wanna cut.

My mum has really nice short hair with streaks sometimes purple or grey and I love it.

I tried to have Lydia show me where she got hers, only to know that she does it herself and a few times goes to the salon. Like I told her if she ever wanna quit acting, she could try barbering.

I went net surfing and had a few ideas, I probably would get it at Exotic trends but how do I know what would suit me?

Help moi decide!!!

pixs: Lydia- Capture
Jada,Rihanna,Estelle- Google

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Miss Ghana: New or still old?

I wanted to take part in Miss Ghana this year but I was disqualified even before I had the chance to audition, so am hitting the gym, even though I haven’t started ,because the gym instructor keeps on inviting me to dinner, I feel like he is going to over touch my body during exercise.:)

I got home early enough to catch Miss Ghana Kumasi Auditions yesterday, again watching with my Grandpa who was constantly asking about his pizza.

Pa na pa na(read it like a song) wow, I love the new layout and picture quality , hmm Miss Ghana seems good. I noticed a few changes, well apart from the layout and picture quality. Phamous people got MWK covered, I love the montage and the scary looking guy: It works!

It has a new presenter, DEBBIE.

I saw her at the Malaika launch cohosting with Naa Ashorkor, it’s a good idea she went for Miss Ghana because it’s no good trying to out shine your selves, look at the presenters for project fame, the lady always under shines.

I think she’s pretty and eloquent but seems very careful. Well we would not know if she ever makes a mistake because it is recorded and edited but she seems extra careful with her words, madam Debbie, work it, I think you can do it, not that my opinion matters:)

The judges: Nicola, Habiba and Lydia.

I love Nicola, she’s got the most interesting facial expressions, I like her judging. Doesn’t talk much, she looks very keen like she sees something more interesting in the girls than the other judges, even if she’s not saying anything she looks clever :), At a point I though she seemed “bored” with the other judges.

Habiba, she seems cool and i think she can’t speak twi, ( she didn’t get the twi joke) however she seemed a little lost to me in the course of the audition.

Lydia the bubbling judge, she got what she wanted: FUN, she was shown how to dance “Azonto,pe pe pe pe” ( I hate that dance). She had quite a happy day, laughing at everything the girls said. Sarcastically laughing at that girl’s joke made me feel sad for her, Lydia made me feel like I was watching an acting audition.

Nicola’s fine but don’t know if Habiba and Lydia were right judges for the audition: naaaaaa, don’t think so.

The girls: what is wrong with them? This is Miss Ghana for god’s sake, the most prestigious crown in the country. They appeared like they were joking. Look at that Azonto girl? Where is she going to do that, Miss World?

I really don’t understand why or how you would go for an audition unprepared. A few seemed appropriate and I guess they got selected.

I saw a popular model in there *wink* but am not talking.

Am still watching …………………..and I know it would get better, and it’s a NEW great look for Miss Ghana, MWK nice try!

I wanted to add something else , but don’t remember, if you remember please do add. Mwuah!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Malaika: Blame them or us?

Last Sunday was probably my second time of watching Miss Malaika on Gtv. My grandpa frowned the whole time through the show as when he saw the ladies made up and in fashionable clothes, there’s something I don’t understand about that man: he does not like any ladies clothing except long sleeves and maxi skirts. You should have seen him, puckering his mouth and continuously asking me in Akuapem Twi:” wo si den”? (what are they saying) as if he doesn’t understand English.
I didn’t catch the beginning but I think I didn’t lose much. I like Naa Ashiorkor’s and the contestants make up, good! I was amused by the names of their teams. I started watching from the quiz, entertainment to be precise.
I was damn shocked, the girls didn’t know the names of most of the Ghanaian musicians. I could not believe it. Not even Mac Tontoh who died recently and was more popular than ever, for god’s sake girls!
They seem to know the names of the entire foreign artiste ranging from Halle Berry, Alicia Keys and Jay Z’s song and others. Naa Ashorkor seems to have been disappointed, but, can you blame them?
When Akosua Agyapong’s song was played it seemed to them like wow? Who is this?
I kinna found it amazing, but really who is to blame; I mean we barely hear a lot of Ghanaian songs on radio these days unless it’s hip life.
Well, all I think is that we all must educate ourselves in whatever subject; I thought it would have been pretty shameful if a foreigner was watching that show especially one who studies African studies at Legon and walks almost barefoot……..those ones are sharks.
Wat ya think?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


A decibel is widely known as a measure of sound pressure level, but is also used for a wide variety of other measurements in science and engineering, most prominently in acoustics, electronics, and control theory. (, if decibel is a measure of how loud then the message from Canoe was loud as a vuvuzela and clear as crystal- Promoting Quality Music in Africa

A ridiculous meeting at Tema left me perplexed, but I had to be at the show. I had to see Efya and Nneka by all means. A quick shower and my make up spirit did the trick.

I was pretty late but was just in time to see Gena’s last performance “I thank you”. In my ears she sounded like a gospel artiste, truthfully that was my first time listening to her.

Then my eyes drifted to the seats, gosh! They were 70% empty, where was everybody?
I had to get a great sighting seat, the first person i saw before seating was the” Great” Ameyaw Debra whose eyes were focused on the stage, in his soft voice, he said ‘hi Jay’ and smiled .

I got a great seat and put on my second eyes. My friend Luscious asked me “where is everybody” home I said.

Let’s look at the line up for that concert
Nneka -Hip Hop / Soul / Afro-beat music
Bibie Brew- Jazz Diva
Efya- Afro-Neosoul artiste
R'n'B - Gena West

The crowd was a mixture, proudly Ghanaians, wannabe eccentric lads, elites and those who don’t know where they belong yet. Amongst the crowd were those who didn’t know jack about any of the artiste present but wanted to mix with the crowd, the music fanatics and the “Hi, I know you on face book” friends

"I don't think everyone who didn’t' come to the event didn’t like the kind of music, but I think a greater number of Gh- ians do not.

I saw this dude sleeping as Bibie performed, I could not believe it, my friends luscious and brown sugar thought the guy probably came with a free ticket. I called a friend who was with me at the event only to hear: Aha ye de “in the background, geez! the chap slipped out of the auditorium as Bibie performed.

I cast my mind to my entering when I saw Kubolour at the entrance(burger Kubolo, welcome back ), anytime I see him and his chaps, I wonder, do all those people who follow him appreciate and understand his music ?or they just do so cos he looks cool to follow.

When granted interviews, artiste in gh repeatedly say” I want my music to go Africa and beyond” what is Africa and beyond? I strongly believe that we must learn to appreciate other music genres and in turn others would enjoy ours.

“When the music changes, so does the dance”. African Proverb. We must clean our acts to be accepted worldwide. Has our dance ever changed? From Highlife to Hip life to hip-hop to………… how has our creativity grown as artiste and listeners? I am not a music expert or critic but a lover.

Why do we love music? Is it to wriggle our waist or just dance “ atopa” to it?
It is the rhythm of life, it was at the beginning and will command, direct the course of life till the end .Every bit of our lives has music in there directing us, but have we the ability to be able to hear or sense it or follow its biddings ? (Acknowledgments to Kojo Blebu)

I believe music is a message carrier and one of the best forms of communication, the carrier should not matter whether Ghanaian, Nigerian, French or American. Let the sound of what you love travel with you in time, reminiscing experiences and memories.

As Efya rocked the crowd, I recall spotting Sefa Gohoho of CE and wondering what was going through her head, was this an event loss or gain? A GAIN for sure, as I saw the satisfaction on most faces after Efya’s act, it testified to the fact that starting an empire is as hard as nut. You need to work it …………..,seduce it and indulge it- (borrowed from Eve Ensler- from Vagina Monologues), apply that to Gh-ains

Canoe Entertainment, you tried.

Photos by Guud Kelly

Monday, August 23, 2010

Nothing nu -Eya

Nothing nu (Efya) - Museke African song lyrics | Museke

My favourite ever

Efya -The Lone Star

Friday, August 20, 2010

Nneka - Heartbeat

Eminem - Love The Way You Lie ft. Rihanna

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sugar by Akosua Becca

For all the boys i love and would love.

My Latest Obessesion

Lately i have begun to have an obessesion for sneakers particularly KEDS! so i set out to find out more about the brand

About Keds
Keds Snapshot

In 1916, Keds created an American Classic: the first shoe with a soft rubber sole, so comfortable & quiet you could "sneak" up on your boyfriend. This original sneaker, called "the Champion" has remained a style icon for over ninety years. Worn by Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe and Jackie O, and consistently celebrated by Vogue, Elle and Women's Wear Daily, Keds continues to attract fashion designers, stylists and top editors in the industry with their classic, authentic style. Today, a new generation has discovered the Keds brand, which is helping to inspire a collective spirit of new American style, youthful optimism, collaboration and togetherness.

Bertha ft Sarkodie-I am

Wode w'ani asi me so
sɛ me nkoaa na wopɛ eeii
stalking me from six to six
adɛn wonna anaa eeeii
Mmaa bebree na aba wo akwan mu oo
nanso adɛn...adɛn, adɛn ni aa
ɔdɔ yɛwu eeii
ebi true say my heart beats for you
ebi true say i cannot live without you
but boy i wanna know..
ebi true say my heart beats for you
ebi true say i cannot live without you
but boy i wanna know

am i
am i ooo(3x)
am i
the kinda girl you wanna be with(repeat chorus)
oh oh oh
oh oh oh oh oh oh oh(4x)

Verse 2
oh honey
ɛnyɛ wo na wosee me sɛ me ne wo nfe pade
na wosee me sɛ
womma biribia mpo nha me
ɔdɔ kakyerɛ me ɛɛhh(twice)

will you be the one
the one for me
mepɛ sɛ mehu w'adwen me dɔ eeii
and am i the one
the one for you uhuhuuuh
mepɛ sɛ mehu w'adwen me dɔ wiase eeiiii


Rap by Sarkodie
menim sɛ wode wombelieve me
wohu me tesɛ play boy
you don't really trust me
nsɛm aa wotete no pii nyɛ nokorɛ
yɛse mepɛ mmaa
but you know people also like me
me ne wo nam na obi begye autograph
me hoɔ ɛfɛ lyrics from
afei so metwi corolla
obi tumi babeka se ɔde Pamela
ɔpɛ sɛ ɔde me kɔ fie kɔkɔma me formula
but still you are ma number one choice
ɔmo a ɔmo sɛe me ma wo
meaa me boys boys
m'ani tua but i really don't mind
cuz at the end of the day u bi one of a kind
asɛ mede m'ani toto wo sign
dɛn na wopɛ tea anaasɛ wine
ɛhyehyɛ wo bo yi na yɛ fine
firi sɛ dea bɛn wo
suro no na gyae saman
nea mepɛ ne sɛ darling na wagye so high
wo papa ne wo maame meretwɛn ɔmo reply
ɔbidi nni adaagye a yɛdefa second wife
nti ma wo nua Aboagye mmɛgye ne brother knife
to my honeyz on the block y'alll
straight up
ɔbededee pɔn bede
its one time for your mind y'all

Verse 3
tire ni temi
temi ni tire baby
you are mine and i am yours
tire ni temi
temi ni tire baby
we belong together
mepɛ sɛ wosɔ me mu
kɔrɔkrɔ me na gyegye me so
me dɔ wiase bra bra bra bra bra braeeh
mepɛ sɛ wosɔ me mu
krɔkrɔ me na gyegye me so
me dɔ wiase bra bra bra bra eeiii


9ice pete pete ft Asa **Exclusive**

Ojo re bi ana ta gb'ominira 1960,

It seems like yesterday we obtained our independence

1960 N'igba yen t'is easy gege bo se wi ... See more... See more

1960 N'igba yen t'is easy gege bo se wi

1960, then it was easy, as they told us

Ta rugbo, t'omidan lon dunu

Both the Old and maidens were happy

P’a ti d'ominira Omi inira indeed abi,

That we were independent (Here 9ice plays on the Yoruba word ominira – independence omi inira – water of discomfort) indeed, huh?

E wo naira wa ; Ilu polukurumushu

Look at our naira, the nation is (in a disarray – no english word describes the state 9ice believes the nation is)

T'ewe t'agba lon j'eyan won nisu

Both old and young had their pounded yam as just yam ( In yoruba land, pounded yam is a delicacy. Settling for yam rather than pounded yam is a demotion)

Ab’e o ri, ewe e ri, sugbon e o fe wi

Or will you say you do not see it , young ones you do but you don’t want to speak

Ab’e ori, agba e ri, atenuje lofe p'ayin

Or will you say you do not see it , elders you do it is greed that prevents you from doing anything about it

Petepete t'ana ni popa Eni bataba, kolo mofe ni

Whoever this (9ice admits he is castigating many) hits let the person go and blow some wind on it (asking them to suck it up)

Se’be l'ema sun t’eba sope 'omo nkankan

Is it there you’ ll be sleeping (will you fold your arms), and you say you don’t know anything
... See more
Eyin aro lema waa (sebe la maa) Mewa n s’ele

Don’t you realise you are distracted with the cooking , many things are happening ( I believe this refers to a typical party scene in yoruba land where cooks are in a hidden area preparing food for the guests whilst the guests enjoy the event)

O Se’be l'ema sun (se’be lema sun un)

Is it there you ‘ll be sleeping, if you say you don’t know nothing

Eni wo'seju akan o Eyin aro lema waa(mewa nsele

He who waits for the crab to blink, will be there long (missing out on the action as in the cooks above)

Verse 2-ASA

Kini suuru tio l'ere Kini 'seti ko s'ere

What is patience without any profit, what is work with no gain... See more

Won sa l'eyan tio l'oruko

After all there are some people without names (as in they are no known and have no connections or networks to help them succeed)
Okuku sise, ode'n rere e

They are working and getting gain ( I believe this refersto some form of equity available in some other countries where hard work can get you a decent life)

Aah ede s'ope a siwa l'omode

Ah ah and you say we are still young ( I believe this refers to the Minister of information’s answer to one of the questions on Hard Talk (UK) late 2009 where he said the nation was still young and so not surprising we are riddled with problems)

Nkan sa l'eye je k'agbado t'ode

At least chickens fed on something before corn came around

9ice oro gidi l'oso Oro to o ni'lari l'oso

9ice you have spoken good words, words that show you have understanding

To ba di asiko idibo, won a senu jeje

When it nears election, they are very gentle

Won a wa si adugbo won a somo jeje... See more

They come to the neighbourhood, they look like butter would not melt in their mouths

E je ki won wole tan, gbogbo eje ti won je, a wo keshe

Let them assume power, all promises are dumped in a hidden pouch (In yoruba land, there is hidden pouch (keshe) used by traders – virtually inaccessible to anyone except the wearer)

To ba tun se were, lojo idibo wan a tun nu kodo to lo beere

Soon, election day arrives, they will get the youths line up unending

Won a senu mere

They assume a quiet innocent look

Kalokalo gbe nkan mi senu uye (kalo kalo, gbe..)

Slot machine (gambling) swallows something and its mouth is clean (it looks like it has done nothing hurtful)

Jagunlabi tun ti wole, talo dibo fun un

The man has assumed the political post again, who voted him in?

Pasan ta fi na 'yale Onbe lori aja fun un un

The cane used for the first wife is hidden for him (metaphor that he is the second wife)

Odo elo tunramu, Ema je an'pagbon ni funfun fun yin

young people go and re-prepare, (cannot translate this)

Asegbe kan kosi oo Asepamo lowa

There is nothing you can do that you will get away with , You can however hide what you have done... See more

Ase s'ile labo waba

The legacy you have left, will remain forever

Emi oti iku, I have not died

mo s'ile s'ise I can still work

Mo sile f'owo r'ewo I can still hustle (here and there to make ends meet)

Mo sile tule mise iiiii i

I can still put my house in order

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Who am listening to now

Jasmine Sullivan

Jill scott


Alicia Keys

Mr Hudson

Friday, May 21, 2010

Tro Tro Tales

I am, really I am, am tired of the shaking, the spitting, the kooko scents, the sweat, the insults in fact am tired of the trotro.

I remember how I used to go to S.U in Jhs just to avoid the driver from picking me up,so I can join my classmates to pick trotro.

We would try to buy plantain chips just as the car was about to move and pretend that we left the coins on the floor. (eh! I no sey I am a bad girl) you would see me grinning from ear to ear like I just won a Grammy, man! Those were some times!

I grew up picking trotro and this has caused my disinterest in learning to drive and now that am fully grown up with curly pubic hair, am forcing to.

Ok so this is my reason for writing this: I cannot afford a newspaper, radio or TV advert to advertise my plea “HELP, I NEED A CAR”

Awurade trotro is killing me! Gone are the days when I was in my konkonte uniform willing to board trotro, now that am a full grown curvaceous woman I feel the trotro harassment ,free me oh tom!

You should see the unorganized queue at the lorry station; we rushed on any incoming trotro like some ants found sugar. I get pushed and shoved and if not lucky I would probably lose a valuable. Most of the times, the guys do the pushing, (they are not gentlemen) do they really care? Look trotro taking takes your gentility out of you. One time I asked a guy who pushed me, “Aden?”, he looked at me and said, “Aden sen?se ye fa trotro, madam yei paa” and walked off. I stood there for a minute looking at myself and said “ Na me kraa aden”?

Oh I hate the spit!, the driver spits, the mates spits, the passenger spits, everybody spits. They spit so bad it reminds me of when I went to korle Bu and sat in the wrong queue of newly pregnant women. Often I get unlucky and sit behind the trotro drivers who mostly have their morning brushes whilst they drive. They brush their teeth with “adua” the local toothbrush and spits continuously as he listens to sports on peace fm.

All kinds of food, once i stared at a woman so hard am sure God added it to my sins for that day. She sat beside me and ate kenkey, fish and pepper. How? ei how? After that she bought sachet water and washed her hand through the window. Trotro offers you a buffet……kooko and koose, rice, fried yam, plantain chips ……. ( let the troski takers union members continue)

The stench, the mates are the worst offenders, even Giorgio Armani deodorants won’t help. They don’t seem to care as they are always in sleeveless t-shirts lifting their hands over your head and rubbing their armpits in your face ( you would always notice a bush of prickly hair)

Trotro is like the salon, konkonsa be wat! People gossip, get angry, laugh and even get their future wives in there.
I remember a lady who was alighting and showed us a sneak peak of what her husband enjoys (stretch marks on bleached skin with a fine buttocks line to go with it) man was she mouth whipped, the women called her ashawo and the men blamed her as one of the reasons why men raped women (idiots I thought).

Passengers would just make sure you get a taste of their morning blast as they wipe they buttocks on your face as they alight.

Oh! God I need a car, listen I aint charity all I need is a rich man with a pot belly to buy me a car as we talk about payment terms later or a skinny boy who earns a monthly pay to take a loan and buy me a car, and I would give him a lift every morning to work.

Just in case you see me in the front seat of a trotro “twaing” seven, please don’t call me.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Natural Magician- Anita Quansah

Like the kente weaver goes “ Kro hin kro” so does the designer Anita Quansah put rhythmic tune to her designs. A BA textile design graduate from the Chelsea College of Art and Design London, Anita would set the world on fire ( she won’t burn your house oh)

She has been involved with the fashion industry, collaborating and creating unique embroidered textile pieces for some of the leading textile and fashion design houses such as Christian Lacroix, DKNY, Diane Von Furstenberg, Ischiko, Victoria Secret, Ecko and textiles Weisbrod Zurrer and Sandy Starkman, (the scarier the name the better the designer) just kidding.

In 2004 ,Anita has collaborated with Christian Lacroix, designing and embroidering a jacket featured on the runway for the Haute Couture show. What! wat a list? – (even though I borrowed this from her website)
Her designs are tasty and rich in color; her combination of vintage and modern artistry is amazingly beautiful. In simple words her designs is an eye catcher!
So I tracked her down and sent her a few questions

Q: Anita Quansah that sounds like a Ghanaian name are you?

Yes I am Ghanaian

Q: You seem to be multi tasker and very versatile? Accessories, clothes and interior, how did start?

I love fashion and all things beautiful. I guess this passion for design and creativity stems from my early childhood, watching my grandmother a seamstress teaching and making the most beautiful clothes from very interesting and embroidered textiles. Her Passion for creativity, her energy and her determination is what drove me to start experimenting at a very young age. I guess also being brought up around women and watching their different styles evolve also had an impact on me.
Also after years of selling my Luxury handmade couture fabrics to renowned fashion designers, I wanted to create a fashion line that people could not only learn about the intricate techniques used and see the true value of it, but also fall in love and own a piece of true wearable art. Then in 2004 Anita Quansah London the fashion line was launched. Since then, the line has proven very successful, sold out in the Laden Showroom London which was the first ever boutique that stocked the line, then from then, I went on to sell on Asos online which too was very successful And now I am designing a range of neckpieces to accompany the fashion line.

Q: You have an amazing creative sense and seeing your designs remains me of nature and organic materials, how attached are you these?
I love nature and the ever changing beauty that surrounds it the tone, patterns, placement and proportions. So it's not surprising that this is very much depicted in my work.

Q: I remember the first time I saw your clothes, it reminded me of a painting on a wall, artistically which painter motivates you and how does painting affect your choice of materials you collect for your pieces?.
For nature inspired designs I look to great artist such as Monet, Gustav Klimt and Robert John Thornton. I love how these great artist use colour to convey a message of beauty and making nature come alive in their work. I can spend a very long time looking and analysing the techniques used by these artist. Just like they paint on canvas using paint, I myself paint with fabrics creating textures using vintage and recycled textiles which are dissected and meticulously fused together, using hand and machine embroideries.

Q: How has the industry treated you as an African woman and a creator of amazing modern designs? Has it penetrated the market and made its mark as you envisaged some years ago?

The fashion industry is very competitive. And you must have something very different and well received to be able to make it in this industry. Am coming from a textile background and I create my own luxury handmade fabrics and this makes me very different. Also my work can be perceived as a work of art, which is influenced greatly by my culture. As a designer, I am constantly working on making people more aware my work. From when I first started to now, the brand has been well received and has generated a lot of interest and collaborations

Q: How has it been working with so many popular designers and how has it influenced your designs?
Collaborating and selling my work to many fashion designers have enabled me to broadened my design skills and discover who I really was as a designer. It taught me to appreciate my work a lot more. Their expectations and their style of working allowed me to push my creative level to the extreme, to be freer, yet structured in my design style creating a sumptuous piece that is textural with a contemporary edge.

Q: What are your future plans for your label?

Firstly, I want to continue making people more aware of recycling especially in fashion.
Secondly, I hope to have made the brand more successful, and a house hold name, have designs both fashion, interior and jewellery stocked in African Boutiques, and big department stores worldwide. But most importantly, to maintain the value of my craftsmanship and keep my creative spirit alive

Q: Anita thanks for the chat and we hope to see your pieces in Ghana.

Your welcome. Yes I hope to have my brand known and received well in Ghana. Ghana is full of rich cultures, traditions and fashion. Working on having the pieces stocked over there very soon. Shall keep you posted.

Anita would be in Ghana soon and Divas can purchase fantastic jewellery and clothes. Leave ur order on my face book page. Jay abrafi gyebi

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Moni! Moni! Moni!

What would you do for money?

Homosapiens would do anything, beat (quash), lie, steal. I mean anything, there is no better way of understanding me but “ Coz ov moni” sure did hit it right on the head.

The movie was to start at 8.30 pm well according to the ticket I received but I was still late. I could unarguably blame it on my dithering of what to wear, skimpy clothes are so not the in thing rite. now………Jay! Stay focused

I got a good seat, thanks to my……., second line on the middle row, what else would a blind bat asks for?

A short documentary/interview was the first to show, and that was the beginning of the rib cracking night. It spoke about preparations toward the movie, the subject matter and what it means to the writer and the FOKN bois could not have said it better. They took us on a jolly ride, sparking our imagination as we vividly imagine all activities they spoke about with so much passion.

The projection of the entrancing really worked if you don’t know what that is( that is what CH tried to do with the mc at the GMA’s) but this one worked perfect. Mensa seemed a little pensive and Wanlove kept fidgeting with his BB acknowledging sponsors form time to time but Mensa kept thanking the seller of his Midnight waakye.
Acknowledgment were given to Reggie………..nice suit he had on and Samini in his big bang fobby glasses.

FOI (something something inspiration) sorry I don’t seem to recall their names cos they didn’t make an impression on me passed through.
Mutumbo the spoken word guru had his time to shine and he did make use of it. He dropped words with so much ease as he took us through a journey of what people would do for money, it hit the crowd as shouts and whistles did the talking.

Simple storyline, detailed plot, great costume and simple language.
Continuity is good but each scene carries each own theme.
Hitting on current and relevant issues facing the youth in the society, it brought out the good and bad ways money affect the youth including moneys ways of giving you a passports to the big buttocks town.

Language is simple and easy to understand but requires concentration and intelligent. It makes use of puns, similes and metaphors.
Music and dance can’t be escaped as it drives as the main tires of the movie.
The African originality is admirable. Ghetto life is beautified; the movie brings out the life of an African child as he grows through games and real life experiences.

It takes a dramatic turn as the Mensa and Wanlove are beaten and put into a world of fantasy. Their dreaming costumes cannot be overlooked as they hide their sausage and apples in half a calabash with scaring face, I could not help but admire Kubulor’s pelvic lines..............interesting very interesting


"We thank you, Kwame Nkrumah, we thank you, Marcus Garvey we thank you." these were the words of the Fokn bois as they appreciated the pioneers of freedom, expression, music and risk.
i personally found that scene very emotional as i dropped a tear ( u weren't there so i can lie,lol). the accompaniment by the lil boy who chanted akan proverbs in the course of the song was another amazing touch of Africa.

Ending is good but if you don’t concentrate you just might lose it. i mean if u are dumb and u dnt even understand pictures than this is not your movie, go watch some "bushia bushia" ( action packed movie)

“Coz ov moni” what would you do?

Monday, April 19, 2010

Duna be What!

“Duna” is the word man; u just can’t do without it. We sit with it in all kinna of positions. Unfortunately I didn’t get too much of it and I have prayed to God repeatedly to bless me more but as the akans say God is not a “kwata” he hasn’t yet responded to me, although I have not been consistent in my duna prayers these day but all is not lost.

Damn! I can still see that woman’s duna.

On a quest to surprise my best friend Akosua Loncho, I found myself at labadi beach one sunny afternoon. Man it was packed! I knew that my trip won’t be fulfilled without a taste of “cuz cuz” – fried yam, chopped chofi, vegetables with black pepper and a twist of ketchup (which I don’t particularly like)

When my honey couchie couhie whom I invited to the party asked me to accompany him go buy cuz cuz,i obliged: not that I cared about the food but I wanted to hold him some more, hehehe( bad me?) I ended up going with him and Achiaa beyonce(three is sure a crowd)

It was a long journey walking through sand with bottles and all kinds of waste; it was like a walk to the yam paradise.

As we entered the yam haven, we were welcomed by mosquitoes, only who had been fed with delicious yam and "chofi" with a sip of blood from buyers and the yam seller (yuck!)

The yam seller oh my gosh, I felt like I was standing in front of a chop bar in nsawan, she had "duna" (in capital letters) she stood in high attention with the "duna" tucked in a light green Lycra “ budder”. It had been tucked and supported with a high level of attention and care.

I imagined someone sitting on it or maybe playing with it, I stared and gasped with my mouth open and my eyes wide as………………………………….. ( Continue the sentence)

So my willy asked with keen interest “does her husband enjoy?” as I stared at her chopped "chofi" we were about to eat all I thought of was if chewing "chofi" had got her all that, then Charlie I am on a "chofi" eating spree.

Duna be what!