Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I love Food

One of the few things i love to do is to sit and admire FOOD, its colors and arrangement. These two actually inform whether i eat or not, like i always say to my guys..........Presentation is always before taste.

So this year, i would be starting my own food blog "Mukaase Chics" with my fellow food lover Ama Sika Asante. Mukaase in Twi (My local language) means kitchen so we are the kitchen chics.

Mukaase chics would explore traditional spices from all localities. A Tasty blog it would be huh :) We would show you how it is done with passion and creativity and bring some good pics too................Courtesy of amazing fotographers like Nicki, Stevie,Barrack,DJ Kobbie, David..(Thats if they are avaliable and we can afford :)

Just a few pictures of wat we love..............See ya soon. Lets meet at MUKAASE.

Pics by DJ Kobbie and Sly
Food by SheBrews

Thursday, February 9, 2012

From Mrs Baby Jet to Mr Jet

Dear Husband,

It is with great sorrow that i write you this letter. I have not been able to eat,drink or sleep after the teams defeat yesterday.The country and i expected so much from you.

Overall you guys fought a good fight but that didnt reflect in the net. What happened to the penalty?

Husband if i wasnt your wife, i would have said i was exteremely dissapointed in you. You kicked the ball like you were playing to a one year old child, you see why i have constantly told you to concentrate on playing and forget dancing?

Ghana woke up this morning and of course you were able to replace Woyome. You have been blamed and insulted but as a wife i can only stand by you.

I suggest you dont come to Ghana, lets meet in Dubai.

Yours ever,Mrs Baby J

Tuesday, January 31, 2012


This post is from my friend Nana Hemaa who decided to be my guest blogger for today. Enjoy her series.

So my friend here has an eye for nice stuff and likes her men sharp! hehehe

This is the first of my series of articles I have entitled MY SEXY MAN
I begin this write up by declaring that I am not writing in any capacity as a fashion authority or claim to know it all.

Fashion as any other art form does not have wrongs and rights. There can only be common sense.

This article is inspired by my observation (which may be limited in comparism to yours). Sometime back I wrote on Facebook that there is nothing sexier to me than a man who is dressed well.

I am particular about how men dress because unlike women they have very limited accessories (off course they are my sex of interest in all levels that matters.......what do I care when a girl looks sexy)

There was a time when it was ok for your flying tie to consist of a whole yard of fabric (I never fancied it even then) but I think those times are far gone. Likewise if you become a victim of fashion and wear an ultra slim flying tie underneath your suit jacket to work. (When I meet you I will laugh) While ties are generally worn for dressier occasions, you can still wear neckties with your semi-casual attire. Most of the ultra slim widths are more gorgeous when worn to dress up a sports jacket.

Choose ties that are the age of your personality rather than your actual age. However, if you are an older gentleman you should consider traditional widths and lengths. Younger men can be more experimental with their tie widths.

Tying of the knot; unless u are part of the British royal parliament please refrain from the Windsor knot. A thick knot like that makes you look pretentious and stuffy and if you have a thick neck you look plain idiotic.
Colours and Patterns; colours are the trickiest I think. It’s ok to experiment but please do it some amount of common sense.

If you just accepted to be the clown at some children’s party you can decide to wear a blue shirt and a green tie; that is perfectly acceptable but if you are dressing for work please think of conservative colours....dark shades of purples, some blues and ooooh I love a man that can wear pink and make it manly.

Always remember that a neck tie is an accessory so please make sure it compliments the basic clothing item you are accessorizing.