Thursday, February 9, 2012

From Mrs Baby Jet to Mr Jet

Dear Husband,

It is with great sorrow that i write you this letter. I have not been able to eat,drink or sleep after the teams defeat yesterday.The country and i expected so much from you.

Overall you guys fought a good fight but that didnt reflect in the net. What happened to the penalty?

Husband if i wasnt your wife, i would have said i was exteremely dissapointed in you. You kicked the ball like you were playing to a one year old child, you see why i have constantly told you to concentrate on playing and forget dancing?

Ghana woke up this morning and of course you were able to replace Woyome. You have been blamed and insulted but as a wife i can only stand by you.

I suggest you dont come to Ghana, lets meet in Dubai.

Yours ever,Mrs Baby J