Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I got the privilege of sneaking into the Miss Ghana house yesterday. I was hoping to bump into them having dinner so I could join them but my timing was off.

That is my first time seeing all the girls together, the first time was individually at some of their auditions. They look really different, very composed and surprisingly with the same high pitched tone as they all said “Hi” to AK and I. It put a grin on my face 

I met their chaperon, Jennifer Koranteng of Muse; well she’s former Miss GH contestant and Miss Ghana Universe. Jennifer tells me the girls have changed in their manners and now know how to dress and talk properly and most importantly about punctuality, punctuality? I laughed, Ghana mentality u go fit change?

“I now know how to make up and dress properly, which earrings to wear with what and what to say when” Nadja, one of the contestants.

Heels is a common sight in the house as the girls walk perfectly in it (am lying, there was one girl I couldn’t help laughing at) they have it in all colours and don’t even wear slippers when they walking about the house.

I found that interesting and admirable, I asked Esi if she would continue doing that after she goes home, she smiled and said “ it depends on how far I get in the contest”, a very sincere and outspoken contestant, I kina seemed to like her.

The ladies have really TRANSFORMED from whatever to beautiful and trained.

I mean, isn’t that the essence of a beauty contest?, it is an avenue for young ladies to be discovered and sharpened into better ladies, and I believe Miss Ghana has done an amazing job with that.

I noticed how the girls didn’t used jargons like “wanna, gonna” in their speech.

I know all these girls have their little fantasies, winning or participating in the contest would make them achieve, some may want to get a visa and go abroad, open a boutique or a business or some other ( don’t ask me mine)

I had to go home so I had to leave, but not without tasting that delicious looking steak khebab and alvaro I was offered, please next time make it chicken aboloo............................

And oh that white handsome hunk who works with Phamous people (i think cos i saw him loitering about), i got tons of girls for ya.

May the best girl win and rock dem heels

Acknowledgment: Korkor Kugblenu

Sunday, October 10, 2010


What did Kiki think he signed up for, 6 years ago when he told Mimi he loved her.
I have met amazing couples like Shushu and AK, Mr. and Mrs. Dee who make union look easy as ABC. This other couple I met on the day before Nkrumah’s birthday.
This is the case study for all you young lovers.

An amazing young executive (event planner) in a very vibrant industry
Mimi is a wee but short (5”3) I think and butts like a fontonfrom drum. Mimi got taste ,I mean in everything, shoes, bags, clothes and……. drinks.

She knows which one rocks and which one doesn’t. No wonder AK, likes to hang with her, when she is not on drinking curfew.
Attractive, smart, intelligent and very professional, Mimi loves to chill and chill proper. Changing to her Ferragamo (no I think it was Prada that day) okay, so clinging to her Prada bag, Mimi arrived at dinner some minutes late with her partner in crime ,AK, tagging along with a white square box.

Looks calm, collected and a money finder, I mean, he knows where to find the money.
An IT geek, Kiki is one of the guys who doesn’t drink .He arrived at dinner in colorful polo shirt and with business on his mind. He is obsessed with pastries of all kind.

These two together are a blossomed bunch. They tell the most amazing stories, real life intriguing stories
If they seem so perfect, why are they a case study? because they fit despite all odds.
Kiki and Mimi have two different personalities yet they accommodate and understand each other to have a healthy and vibrant relationship.

A passionate Mimi, will kiss Kiki in front of an old man, who probably hasn’t done that in years. Kiki will kiss her as well and will jokingly tease her about her alcohol scented mouth and eye red. Mimi would retort, “that is why you have loved me for all these years” I found that very sweet, Kiki has a deep understanding of his companion, knowing she is a talker, who wouldn’t want an almost perfect relationship with deep understanding of each other?

I have full admiration for this couple who seem to make this baffling union of two so easy, yes! they would have their own issues but they make it look so easy to solve and move on.

I know men and women do not have a full grip on understanding about each other yet ,but coming to a consensus to help each other at the bridge is the best favor both can do for each other.

I believe the relationship before tying the knot is very essential, that is the time your ultimate decision is based on, as for marriage it has it own race course, but if u build yourself a better car like a BMW or a Nissan pickup (that is my fav car, fix in your fav car) with a good engine that doesn’t consume too much petrol, you would certainly have a good ride, speeding when necessary and slowing down when you have to.

Don’t we all want something like that? Do we all need something like that, Don’t we all deserve something like that……………..answer for your self

To Kiki his drunken love is his princess, “his woman” as he puts it in his own words.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Is it still funni?

I love TV and I don’t spare my eyes for any thing to send bad signals to my brain.
I love Visat 1 because of their very great movies and serials they show especially Greys Anatomy , the show where medical professionals only sleep with each other( acknowledgments to my friend), but I love the Game, friends, girlfriends and all their investigative movies.

I watched an episode of the one show which dealt with Autism, Albinism (I love the way it sounds and I love their color) and excerpts of the new comedy show laugh a minute which I have some issues with.

David Oscar the presenter, a good friend of mine didn’t do anything but ‘bore’ me to the core.

He was on the show to explain to viewers the concept behind the show and its different aspects.
I think David looks very good now, rosy cheeks and all; I must say my friend u looked good!

David cracked a few jokes and sincerely I don’t think he is hot anymore, what kind of jokes were those?

Joselyn said something that I think she might not even know its weight, stressing on the fact that David is not the only funny person (comedian) in Ghana, this should make the producers of the show work extremely hard, yes he is not the only one and certainly not anywhere close to funny.

David jokes and excerpts from the show were dry and not punching, the beginning of his jokes is heightened and creates excitement to a certain level and drops especially at the end making the listener very disappointed and confused, this would be called an anticlimax in theatre..

I have always had an issue with David’s opinion about Nigerian and Ghanaian comedians. He made a point about how Ghanaian comedians are looked down upon which I believe is certainly not true.

I remember reading an interview from the showbiz some months ago about his displeasure of a particular event organizer not using him for comedy shows, event organizers are in for the money so if you don’t cut it ,how do you get in?

Even my “boyfriend” Yaw Sakyi gets a chance to crack jobs on big stages, and then I think everyone gets a fair chance.

Laugh a minute- The Premier

Facial expression
David’s facial expressions in the montage really puts me off, I sincerely believe that they are supposed to get us ready to laugh a minute. but in reality we end up hating the minute.

The presenter tries to crack jokes before introducing the clips, these jokes turn out to be unridiciously not funny, I wonder if the presenter and the producers of the show find them funny, if they do ,then we, no! I better talk for myself,my cousin, my D friend and I have lost our sense of humor.

The Foreign Clips
I was particularly shocked at this, how could they do this to us? What is it with these old looking and not funny clips, either copied from youtube or where ever. They could have a lesson or two from KSM. David’s commentary behind the scenes makes it even annoying.

Camera Angle shots
I don’t know whether to ask the camera man or the editor, I cant understand how whenever the presenter turns to the right or left camera, we see the movement before the shot. I mean he is instructed to look at the left or right camera before or after each paragraph, but in this case we see his back turned to us viewers before the shot is actually shown, please producers take note, I don’t think we enjoy seeing David’s profile when talking to us and suddenly we see his back whilst he is still cracking the joke

I think Visat 1 should be open to writers all over the country and not try necessarily to bring up their own concepts, with their platform they should give us better things to view in connection to their local content.

Don’t anyone try to get attached to my views, masa if u think other wise free your mind.