Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I got the privilege of sneaking into the Miss Ghana house yesterday. I was hoping to bump into them having dinner so I could join them but my timing was off.

That is my first time seeing all the girls together, the first time was individually at some of their auditions. They look really different, very composed and surprisingly with the same high pitched tone as they all said “Hi” to AK and I. It put a grin on my face 

I met their chaperon, Jennifer Koranteng of Muse; well she’s former Miss GH contestant and Miss Ghana Universe. Jennifer tells me the girls have changed in their manners and now know how to dress and talk properly and most importantly about punctuality, punctuality? I laughed, Ghana mentality u go fit change?

“I now know how to make up and dress properly, which earrings to wear with what and what to say when” Nadja, one of the contestants.

Heels is a common sight in the house as the girls walk perfectly in it (am lying, there was one girl I couldn’t help laughing at) they have it in all colours and don’t even wear slippers when they walking about the house.

I found that interesting and admirable, I asked Esi if she would continue doing that after she goes home, she smiled and said “ it depends on how far I get in the contest”, a very sincere and outspoken contestant, I kina seemed to like her.

The ladies have really TRANSFORMED from whatever to beautiful and trained.

I mean, isn’t that the essence of a beauty contest?, it is an avenue for young ladies to be discovered and sharpened into better ladies, and I believe Miss Ghana has done an amazing job with that.

I noticed how the girls didn’t used jargons like “wanna, gonna” in their speech.

I know all these girls have their little fantasies, winning or participating in the contest would make them achieve, some may want to get a visa and go abroad, open a boutique or a business or some other ( don’t ask me mine)

I had to go home so I had to leave, but not without tasting that delicious looking steak khebab and alvaro I was offered, please next time make it chicken aboloo............................

And oh that white handsome hunk who works with Phamous people (i think cos i saw him loitering about), i got tons of girls for ya.

May the best girl win and rock dem heels

Acknowledgment: Korkor Kugblenu