Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I love Food

One of the few things i love to do is to sit and admire FOOD, its colors and arrangement. These two actually inform whether i eat or not, like i always say to my guys..........Presentation is always before taste.

So this year, i would be starting my own food blog "Mukaase Chics" with my fellow food lover Ama Sika Asante. Mukaase in Twi (My local language) means kitchen so we are the kitchen chics.

Mukaase chics would explore traditional spices from all localities. A Tasty blog it would be huh :) We would show you how it is done with passion and creativity and bring some good pics too................Courtesy of amazing fotographers like Nicki, Stevie,Barrack,DJ Kobbie, David..(Thats if they are avaliable and we can afford :)

Just a few pictures of wat we love..............See ya soon. Lets meet at MUKAASE.

Pics by DJ Kobbie and Sly
Food by SheBrews


Anonymous said...

Love the idea. Looking forward to be a part of this blog. Nicki and Team :)