Wednesday, August 25, 2010


A decibel is widely known as a measure of sound pressure level, but is also used for a wide variety of other measurements in science and engineering, most prominently in acoustics, electronics, and control theory. (, if decibel is a measure of how loud then the message from Canoe was loud as a vuvuzela and clear as crystal- Promoting Quality Music in Africa

A ridiculous meeting at Tema left me perplexed, but I had to be at the show. I had to see Efya and Nneka by all means. A quick shower and my make up spirit did the trick.

I was pretty late but was just in time to see Gena’s last performance “I thank you”. In my ears she sounded like a gospel artiste, truthfully that was my first time listening to her.

Then my eyes drifted to the seats, gosh! They were 70% empty, where was everybody?
I had to get a great sighting seat, the first person i saw before seating was the” Great” Ameyaw Debra whose eyes were focused on the stage, in his soft voice, he said ‘hi Jay’ and smiled .

I got a great seat and put on my second eyes. My friend Luscious asked me “where is everybody” home I said.

Let’s look at the line up for that concert
Nneka -Hip Hop / Soul / Afro-beat music
Bibie Brew- Jazz Diva
Efya- Afro-Neosoul artiste
R'n'B - Gena West

The crowd was a mixture, proudly Ghanaians, wannabe eccentric lads, elites and those who don’t know where they belong yet. Amongst the crowd were those who didn’t know jack about any of the artiste present but wanted to mix with the crowd, the music fanatics and the “Hi, I know you on face book” friends

"I don't think everyone who didn’t' come to the event didn’t like the kind of music, but I think a greater number of Gh- ians do not.

I saw this dude sleeping as Bibie performed, I could not believe it, my friends luscious and brown sugar thought the guy probably came with a free ticket. I called a friend who was with me at the event only to hear: Aha ye de “in the background, geez! the chap slipped out of the auditorium as Bibie performed.

I cast my mind to my entering when I saw Kubolour at the entrance(burger Kubolo, welcome back ), anytime I see him and his chaps, I wonder, do all those people who follow him appreciate and understand his music ?or they just do so cos he looks cool to follow.

When granted interviews, artiste in gh repeatedly say” I want my music to go Africa and beyond” what is Africa and beyond? I strongly believe that we must learn to appreciate other music genres and in turn others would enjoy ours.

“When the music changes, so does the dance”. African Proverb. We must clean our acts to be accepted worldwide. Has our dance ever changed? From Highlife to Hip life to hip-hop to………… how has our creativity grown as artiste and listeners? I am not a music expert or critic but a lover.

Why do we love music? Is it to wriggle our waist or just dance “ atopa” to it?
It is the rhythm of life, it was at the beginning and will command, direct the course of life till the end .Every bit of our lives has music in there directing us, but have we the ability to be able to hear or sense it or follow its biddings ? (Acknowledgments to Kojo Blebu)

I believe music is a message carrier and one of the best forms of communication, the carrier should not matter whether Ghanaian, Nigerian, French or American. Let the sound of what you love travel with you in time, reminiscing experiences and memories.

As Efya rocked the crowd, I recall spotting Sefa Gohoho of CE and wondering what was going through her head, was this an event loss or gain? A GAIN for sure, as I saw the satisfaction on most faces after Efya’s act, it testified to the fact that starting an empire is as hard as nut. You need to work it …………..,seduce it and indulge it- (borrowed from Eve Ensler- from Vagina Monologues), apply that to Gh-ains

Canoe Entertainment, you tried.

Photos by Guud Kelly


Unknown said...

Nice One Dear,Sounding Like "Carl The truth"

Anonymous said...

i couldn't make it to the show myself because i was beat but i hear it went pretty well, albeit the place was 70% empty.i thinks its a pretty good idea but next time CE should try a smaller setting because gh-ians haven't really gotten into the culture of going to see such shows.maybe when the fan base grows, a bigger venue can be used. i hear Efya totally rocked the place! nice nice...nice writing too Jay.

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye. fr33 pr0n this is it!