Tuesday, August 17, 2010

9ice pete pete ft Asa **Exclusive**

Ojo re bi ana ta gb'ominira 1960,

It seems like yesterday we obtained our independence

1960 N'igba yen t'is easy gege bo se wi ... See more... See more

1960 N'igba yen t'is easy gege bo se wi

1960, then it was easy, as they told us

Ta rugbo, t'omidan lon dunu

Both the Old and maidens were happy

P’a ti d'ominira Omi inira indeed abi,

That we were independent (Here 9ice plays on the Yoruba word ominira – independence omi inira – water of discomfort) indeed, huh?

E wo naira wa ; Ilu polukurumushu

Look at our naira, the nation is (in a disarray – no english word describes the state 9ice believes the nation is)

T'ewe t'agba lon j'eyan won nisu

Both old and young had their pounded yam as just yam ( In yoruba land, pounded yam is a delicacy. Settling for yam rather than pounded yam is a demotion)

Ab’e o ri, ewe e ri, sugbon e o fe wi

Or will you say you do not see it , young ones you do but you don’t want to speak

Ab’e ori, agba e ri, atenuje lofe p'ayin

Or will you say you do not see it , elders you do it is greed that prevents you from doing anything about it

Petepete t'ana ni popa Eni bataba, kolo mofe ni

Whoever this (9ice admits he is castigating many) hits let the person go and blow some wind on it (asking them to suck it up)

Se’be l'ema sun t’eba sope 'omo nkankan

Is it there you’ ll be sleeping (will you fold your arms), and you say you don’t know anything
... See more
Eyin aro lema waa (sebe la maa) Mewa n s’ele

Don’t you realise you are distracted with the cooking , many things are happening ( I believe this refers to a typical party scene in yoruba land where cooks are in a hidden area preparing food for the guests whilst the guests enjoy the event)

O Se’be l'ema sun (se’be lema sun un)

Is it there you ‘ll be sleeping, if you say you don’t know nothing

Eni wo'seju akan o Eyin aro lema waa(mewa nsele

He who waits for the crab to blink, will be there long (missing out on the action as in the cooks above)

Verse 2-ASA

Kini suuru tio l'ere Kini 'seti ko s'ere

What is patience without any profit, what is work with no gain... See more

Won sa l'eyan tio l'oruko

After all there are some people without names (as in they are no known and have no connections or networks to help them succeed)
Okuku sise, ode'n rere e

They are working and getting gain ( I believe this refersto some form of equity available in some other countries where hard work can get you a decent life)

Aah ede s'ope a siwa l'omode

Ah ah and you say we are still young ( I believe this refers to the Minister of information’s answer to one of the questions on Hard Talk (UK) late 2009 where he said the nation was still young and so not surprising we are riddled with problems)

Nkan sa l'eye je k'agbado t'ode

At least chickens fed on something before corn came around

9ice oro gidi l'oso Oro to o ni'lari l'oso

9ice you have spoken good words, words that show you have understanding

To ba di asiko idibo, won a senu jeje

When it nears election, they are very gentle

Won a wa si adugbo won a somo jeje... See more

They come to the neighbourhood, they look like butter would not melt in their mouths

E je ki won wole tan, gbogbo eje ti won je, a wo keshe

Let them assume power, all promises are dumped in a hidden pouch (In yoruba land, there is hidden pouch (keshe) used by traders – virtually inaccessible to anyone except the wearer)

To ba tun se were, lojo idibo wan a tun nu kodo to lo beere

Soon, election day arrives, they will get the youths line up unending

Won a senu mere

They assume a quiet innocent look

Kalokalo gbe nkan mi senu uye (kalo kalo, gbe..)

Slot machine (gambling) swallows something and its mouth is clean (it looks like it has done nothing hurtful)

Jagunlabi tun ti wole, talo dibo fun un

The man has assumed the political post again, who voted him in?

Pasan ta fi na 'yale Onbe lori aja fun un un

The cane used for the first wife is hidden for him (metaphor that he is the second wife)

Odo elo tunramu, Ema je an'pagbon ni funfun fun yin

young people go and re-prepare, (cannot translate this)

Asegbe kan kosi oo Asepamo lowa

There is nothing you can do that you will get away with , You can however hide what you have done... See more

Ase s'ile labo waba

The legacy you have left, will remain forever

Emi oti iku, I have not died

mo s'ile s'ise I can still work

Mo sile f'owo r'ewo I can still hustle (here and there to make ends meet)

Mo sile tule mise iiiii i

I can still put my house in order