Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Malaika: Blame them or us?

Last Sunday was probably my second time of watching Miss Malaika on Gtv. My grandpa frowned the whole time through the show as when he saw the ladies made up and in fashionable clothes, there’s something I don’t understand about that man: he does not like any ladies clothing except long sleeves and maxi skirts. You should have seen him, puckering his mouth and continuously asking me in Akuapem Twi:” wo si den”? (what are they saying) as if he doesn’t understand English.
I didn’t catch the beginning but I think I didn’t lose much. I like Naa Ashiorkor’s and the contestants make up, good! I was amused by the names of their teams. I started watching from the quiz, entertainment to be precise.
I was damn shocked, the girls didn’t know the names of most of the Ghanaian musicians. I could not believe it. Not even Mac Tontoh who died recently and was more popular than ever, for god’s sake girls!
They seem to know the names of the entire foreign artiste ranging from Halle Berry, Alicia Keys and Jay Z’s song and others. Naa Ashorkor seems to have been disappointed, but, can you blame them?
When Akosua Agyapong’s song was played it seemed to them like wow? Who is this?
I kinna found it amazing, but really who is to blame; I mean we barely hear a lot of Ghanaian songs on radio these days unless it’s hip life.
Well, all I think is that we all must educate ourselves in whatever subject; I thought it would have been pretty shameful if a foreigner was watching that show especially one who studies African studies at Legon and walks almost barefoot……..those ones are sharks.
Wat ya think?


Unknown said...

lol,love it.did you go visit ur grandpa or don't mind me jst kidding?