Thursday, September 9, 2010

Miss Ghana: New or still old?

I wanted to take part in Miss Ghana this year but I was disqualified even before I had the chance to audition, so am hitting the gym, even though I haven’t started ,because the gym instructor keeps on inviting me to dinner, I feel like he is going to over touch my body during exercise.:)

I got home early enough to catch Miss Ghana Kumasi Auditions yesterday, again watching with my Grandpa who was constantly asking about his pizza.

Pa na pa na(read it like a song) wow, I love the new layout and picture quality , hmm Miss Ghana seems good. I noticed a few changes, well apart from the layout and picture quality. Phamous people got MWK covered, I love the montage and the scary looking guy: It works!

It has a new presenter, DEBBIE.

I saw her at the Malaika launch cohosting with Naa Ashorkor, it’s a good idea she went for Miss Ghana because it’s no good trying to out shine your selves, look at the presenters for project fame, the lady always under shines.

I think she’s pretty and eloquent but seems very careful. Well we would not know if she ever makes a mistake because it is recorded and edited but she seems extra careful with her words, madam Debbie, work it, I think you can do it, not that my opinion matters:)

The judges: Nicola, Habiba and Lydia.

I love Nicola, she’s got the most interesting facial expressions, I like her judging. Doesn’t talk much, she looks very keen like she sees something more interesting in the girls than the other judges, even if she’s not saying anything she looks clever :), At a point I though she seemed “bored” with the other judges.

Habiba, she seems cool and i think she can’t speak twi, ( she didn’t get the twi joke) however she seemed a little lost to me in the course of the audition.

Lydia the bubbling judge, she got what she wanted: FUN, she was shown how to dance “Azonto,pe pe pe pe” ( I hate that dance). She had quite a happy day, laughing at everything the girls said. Sarcastically laughing at that girl’s joke made me feel sad for her, Lydia made me feel like I was watching an acting audition.

Nicola’s fine but don’t know if Habiba and Lydia were right judges for the audition: naaaaaa, don’t think so.

The girls: what is wrong with them? This is Miss Ghana for god’s sake, the most prestigious crown in the country. They appeared like they were joking. Look at that Azonto girl? Where is she going to do that, Miss World?

I really don’t understand why or how you would go for an audition unprepared. A few seemed appropriate and I guess they got selected.

I saw a popular model in there *wink* but am not talking.

Am still watching …………………..and I know it would get better, and it’s a NEW great look for Miss Ghana, MWK nice try!

I wanted to add something else , but don’t remember, if you remember please do add. Mwuah!


Kharizma said...

herrh, Azonto na wo usu no by heart saa no?

I like the article. :D

Kharizma said...

Omg, this is Kojo... chief terrorist.