Sunday, May 16, 2010

Moni! Moni! Moni!

What would you do for money?

Homosapiens would do anything, beat (quash), lie, steal. I mean anything, there is no better way of understanding me but “ Coz ov moni” sure did hit it right on the head.

The movie was to start at 8.30 pm well according to the ticket I received but I was still late. I could unarguably blame it on my dithering of what to wear, skimpy clothes are so not the in thing rite. now………Jay! Stay focused

I got a good seat, thanks to my……., second line on the middle row, what else would a blind bat asks for?

A short documentary/interview was the first to show, and that was the beginning of the rib cracking night. It spoke about preparations toward the movie, the subject matter and what it means to the writer and the FOKN bois could not have said it better. They took us on a jolly ride, sparking our imagination as we vividly imagine all activities they spoke about with so much passion.

The projection of the entrancing really worked if you don’t know what that is( that is what CH tried to do with the mc at the GMA’s) but this one worked perfect. Mensa seemed a little pensive and Wanlove kept fidgeting with his BB acknowledging sponsors form time to time but Mensa kept thanking the seller of his Midnight waakye.
Acknowledgment were given to Reggie………..nice suit he had on and Samini in his big bang fobby glasses.

FOI (something something inspiration) sorry I don’t seem to recall their names cos they didn’t make an impression on me passed through.
Mutumbo the spoken word guru had his time to shine and he did make use of it. He dropped words with so much ease as he took us through a journey of what people would do for money, it hit the crowd as shouts and whistles did the talking.

Simple storyline, detailed plot, great costume and simple language.
Continuity is good but each scene carries each own theme.
Hitting on current and relevant issues facing the youth in the society, it brought out the good and bad ways money affect the youth including moneys ways of giving you a passports to the big buttocks town.

Language is simple and easy to understand but requires concentration and intelligent. It makes use of puns, similes and metaphors.
Music and dance can’t be escaped as it drives as the main tires of the movie.
The African originality is admirable. Ghetto life is beautified; the movie brings out the life of an African child as he grows through games and real life experiences.

It takes a dramatic turn as the Mensa and Wanlove are beaten and put into a world of fantasy. Their dreaming costumes cannot be overlooked as they hide their sausage and apples in half a calabash with scaring face, I could not help but admire Kubulor’s pelvic lines..............interesting very interesting


"We thank you, Kwame Nkrumah, we thank you, Marcus Garvey we thank you." these were the words of the Fokn bois as they appreciated the pioneers of freedom, expression, music and risk.
i personally found that scene very emotional as i dropped a tear ( u weren't there so i can lie,lol). the accompaniment by the lil boy who chanted akan proverbs in the course of the song was another amazing touch of Africa.

Ending is good but if you don’t concentrate you just might lose it. i mean if u are dumb and u dnt even understand pictures than this is not your movie, go watch some "bushia bushia" ( action packed movie)

“Coz ov moni” what would you do?


onasisnii said...

Highly impressive good writing skills really like da humour flavour and da aside at least for me is very graphic it felt like i was there.

jay said...

Thanks Nii, appreciate ur comment