Monday, April 19, 2010

Duna be What!

“Duna” is the word man; u just can’t do without it. We sit with it in all kinna of positions. Unfortunately I didn’t get too much of it and I have prayed to God repeatedly to bless me more but as the akans say God is not a “kwata” he hasn’t yet responded to me, although I have not been consistent in my duna prayers these day but all is not lost.

Damn! I can still see that woman’s duna.

On a quest to surprise my best friend Akosua Loncho, I found myself at labadi beach one sunny afternoon. Man it was packed! I knew that my trip won’t be fulfilled without a taste of “cuz cuz” – fried yam, chopped chofi, vegetables with black pepper and a twist of ketchup (which I don’t particularly like)

When my honey couchie couhie whom I invited to the party asked me to accompany him go buy cuz cuz,i obliged: not that I cared about the food but I wanted to hold him some more, hehehe( bad me?) I ended up going with him and Achiaa beyonce(three is sure a crowd)

It was a long journey walking through sand with bottles and all kinds of waste; it was like a walk to the yam paradise.

As we entered the yam haven, we were welcomed by mosquitoes, only who had been fed with delicious yam and "chofi" with a sip of blood from buyers and the yam seller (yuck!)

The yam seller oh my gosh, I felt like I was standing in front of a chop bar in nsawan, she had "duna" (in capital letters) she stood in high attention with the "duna" tucked in a light green Lycra “ budder”. It had been tucked and supported with a high level of attention and care.

I imagined someone sitting on it or maybe playing with it, I stared and gasped with my mouth open and my eyes wide as………………………………….. ( Continue the sentence)

So my willy asked with keen interest “does her husband enjoy?” as I stared at her chopped "chofi" we were about to eat all I thought of was if chewing "chofi" had got her all that, then Charlie I am on a "chofi" eating spree.

Duna be what!