Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Magic Hands

Her hands does all the magic,putting you into a fantasy world.

A product of University of Kent, a former worker at Zenith Bank Ghana Ltd and Assistant HRIS Specialist at Gillette.

One would use precious time to wonder why she quit her job, well obviously to follow her God given talent

I chanced upon an article at Ghana home page about Renee Q and i was not surprised Studio 53 did an interview on her

The woman got class, style and grace.

Having the chance to meet her at the Redds African fashion awards was a pleasure. She was clad in smiles and looked as beautiful as you can imagine yourself to be,then it pounced on me how difficult would it be for such a woman to make a follow nicer?she makes her herself look great you would definitely would want her to touch you.( for the record shes straight,lol)

She has brought a whole new meaning to Ghanaian make up ,gone are the days when make up was all about polish and shine (pancake),one could spot a lady looking like a corpse with her forehead shining like a reflection on a metal board and this deterred some of us from thinking of ever making up, all we dreamt about was the Elle magazine kind of make up

I look at her handiwork with pride and pleasure. light and natural make up at its peak. more and more women fantasize about having a touch from Renee Q

Thank you Renee,you have solved a huge issue,we forever appreciate.

For me am saving up my coins to book a consultation and for her lovely clothes, i would write aba it wen am able to save and own one:):):)

Ya better do the same

Picture by Nana Kofi Acquah