Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Make it clap 4 GH

Ok so he is coming down to the capital. I Kinna have mixed feelings about this whole thing. First i am excited Charter house continues or tries to add more artiste to our impressive list of Hollywood stars visiting us from time to time.

So the newest is the " bolee" man BUSTA happy are we? i dont remember any Busta song right now,they seem so jammed up in my mind.

So i picked a few songs on the internet like “Dangerous”, “Gimme Some More”, “Woo Hah! Got You All in Check”, “One”, “Pass The Courvsoir”, “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See”, “Break Ya Neck”, “Make It Clap”, “I Know What You Want” and the almighty “Arab Money”.I think my favourite is "Make it clap"

ok how entertaining is show going to be? Is busta the kind of artitse we need in GH right now? and the million dollar question, is he still hot?

I dont want to attempt answering but maybe you should join me ponder over it

i wouldnt mind to hold him and squeeze him a lil while lol

Charter House has not yet disclosed his supporting artistes,i hope these artiste will be able to hold the fort in case of any emergencies, not that i wish anything to happen. They should not be star struck to perform poor and be over shined

“This is a strictly hip hop show, so you can expect our local hip hop artiste setting the stage on fire before the headline artiste, Busta Rhymes comes through"- Juno of Charter House

so yall hip hop fans get ready,see u there if i am able to