Monday, June 27, 2011

Losing the Pounds:)

So am a girl of my own from head to toe, if you don’t believe ask my brothers CND and PBG and they would tell you how dependent I am on them and their salaries. I have always been a chubby child from my white sneakers days in Association International school to my adolescent days in Aburi girls and my uneventful days in uni.

I have never been “big” or “slim” always somewhere between the two. I don’t ever remember been a size eight, I remember being a size ten from the time I become conscious of my weight. I was a chic then oh! But still the heaviest amongst my friends. I have never had a problem with my weight, I have never felt cast away or sad about my weight, well I just couldn’t see myself being “slim”

I would probably lose all my hips and that I don’t want to. Back in SSS my classmates would tease me that all my butts had enter my hips cos my hips would putrude through my abugiss skirt. I didn’t really know it was an asset until I came to the real world. Anyway sorry, am swaying!

So back to my weight, I have just tried to remain in between some where. I really don’t call people fat cos I think its an ugly word. I use curveous and plum. I do not get offended when some ungentlemanly boys see you and say in Twi (wo aye kesei oh) all I say is its God’s grace and say “idiot” in my head. You don’t tell people they are fat, ok they are fat and so what? What are you telling them for? So they that they slim down and suit your eye and the modern woman figure or you are genuinely concerned about their health. If it’s the first then “ dzi wo fie asem”

When my overly energetic boss decided to enroll us in a gym, it was a funny sight! The guys in my office arrived at the gym with so much zim only to be dezimed after 30 minutes in the exercise. They were panting so hard and the instructor would happily say “ you guys think playing football on Saturdays is enough”
A lot of things set me thinking, for what reasons do we embark on personal journeys and projects , is it for ourselves or for others. A lot of people gym for so many reasons
1. To look good by public standards 2. To keep fit 3. Well cos a boyfriend or girlfriend says so 4. To keep healthy and prevent one from diseases .

Weight is a very emotional topic in Africa especially with the thought of an African body being big and curveous. I sincerely think African woman have the most amazing bodies, they are the model on which Barbie was built. Big up, slim waist and big down, but because of bad personal eating choices we are often out of shape.

Its high time we believe in our bodies and not set out to perfect it but set out to feel good in it.Feeling good in it means walking with heads high, planning to lose that part that we don’t like and not the whole part, check to make sure we are not at risk of getting sick! and eating the right food at the right time.

Am trying to lose a few pounds, well the main reason being that I would love to dance and go down to the floor and pick coins up properly  and that my friend needs a lot of stamina.



I totally agree with everything you wrote having gone through the same phases myself. as an African woman 6.1" tall weighing well over ninety pounds and having been classified as "obolo" or "tough" or"thick tall" by a large number of clueless people who dun even know my name, this topic touches very close to my heart. i have a story of self discovery( loosing 60 pounds in 3 months) being sick to my stomach after what i saw i had inflicted on myself. convincing myself that beauty is not about being stick thin , having no curves neither is it about being anorexic or bulimic but it comes from within. it comes from being comfortable about yourself and largely being confident. now i"m a healthy size 10-12 and i couldn't be happier. i dun ever want to be skinny again. i'm an African and i embrace my curves full throttle!!!! u go gal

jay said...

LOVEANOKOR dats a beautiful story. Thank you for reading

Adobea Pippim said...

Beautifully written. Thanks for sharing! And for what it's worth, real women have curves. Keep rocking your African blings!! LoL.

jay said...

@ Adobea, mos def babes!xxx

DiDi said...

Its Good you are trying to loose some weight,please do it for the right reasons like say,U just wanna stay healthy,the fact that some people are slim does not mean they are healthy. Back to the weight issue,some people are born that way and have no troubles when it comes to them running,jumping and doing other stuffs. Its just sad that we copy blindly over here and are quick to pass silly comments when we see plum or curvaceous people. This also make the Naive ones go purchase drugs of all sort in the name of slimming down and in most cases have side effects.If you go down south of our Continent or even neighboring Nigeria,Plum women are the talk of the town. My dear,just bare in mind that you are beautiful and PEOPLE "notice people is in CAPS" will Talk about anything. Good luck with loosing some but please make sure you doing it for you and to stay healthy.

jay said...

Thanks Didi. xxx

korkor said...

i see, so are you going to lose it or not? nice piece

jay said...

KK get away

StylishForever said...

All the best girl, I got a couple of lbs to lose myself, we can do it girl!

Mawumor said...

Great piece!! Self confidence is the key to stopping gossips from taking about ur weight, every African woman needs to know that.
Thank u!!!

Mawumor said...

Sorry I meant *talking*