Sunday, February 13, 2011


I wish Justin Bieber could sweep me off my feet even though I could probably be his Grandma.

I wish T.I would stop appearing on my dreams and come visit me.

I wish that guy I liked in university didn’t wear those “Santiago” shoes that could hold water, which was a real turnoff.

I wish my friend cupcakes couldn’t stop drooling over someone’s lips and decide whether to go to “Cape-Coast or Ho.”

I wish that man who said to me “same here if you don’t have a boyfriend”, when I said “the camera loves me” will see how amazing i think he is.

I wish my friend A.K got her heart broken early by Chrysler, so that she could have met Shushu earlier.

I wish I could learn all the lyrics to the songs I love, then i would sing Efya’s song in the streets.

I wish my heart didn’t all the parts it has.

Off my wishes and oh, I wish your valentine day sucks.


Anonymous said...

if wishes were horse, i will have had one feet on sea, another on land looking at that picture of the guy in baseball cap all day.

jay said...

heheheheh, Thanks Anonymous

korkor said...

i wish i had kissed my friend when he asked me to. but now its too late, he's gone :(. oh and i wish your valentine's day sucks too

jay said...

its ok KK, that dude better not touch me

Anonymous said...

hi, new to the site, thanks.

DiDi said...

If only wishes were Horses..Nice piece though....

Unknown said...

loool I wished TI would visit me too..
lovely blog x

jay said...

Thank you NANA, JUST sign and we wld lol a lot