Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I love Food

One of the few things i love to do is to sit and admire FOOD, its colors and arrangement. These two actually inform whether i eat or not, like i always say to my guys..........Presentation is always before taste.

So this year, i would be starting my own food blog "Mukaase Chics" with my fellow food lover Ama Sika Asante. Mukaase in Twi (My local language) means kitchen so we are the kitchen chics.

Mukaase chics would explore traditional spices from all localities. A Tasty blog it would be huh :) We would show you how it is done with passion and creativity and bring some good pics too................Courtesy of amazing fotographers like Nicki, Stevie,Barrack,DJ Kobbie, David..(Thats if they are avaliable and we can afford :)

Just a few pictures of wat we love..............See ya soon. Lets meet at MUKAASE.

Pics by DJ Kobbie and Sly
Food by SheBrews

Thursday, February 9, 2012

From Mrs Baby Jet to Mr Jet

Dear Husband,

It is with great sorrow that i write you this letter. I have not been able to eat,drink or sleep after the teams defeat yesterday.The country and i expected so much from you.

Overall you guys fought a good fight but that didnt reflect in the net. What happened to the penalty?

Husband if i wasnt your wife, i would have said i was exteremely dissapointed in you. You kicked the ball like you were playing to a one year old child, you see why i have constantly told you to concentrate on playing and forget dancing?

Ghana woke up this morning and of course you were able to replace Woyome. You have been blamed and insulted but as a wife i can only stand by you.

I suggest you dont come to Ghana, lets meet in Dubai.

Yours ever,Mrs Baby J

Tuesday, January 31, 2012


This post is from my friend Nana Hemaa who decided to be my guest blogger for today. Enjoy her series.

So my friend here has an eye for nice stuff and likes her men sharp! hehehe

This is the first of my series of articles I have entitled MY SEXY MAN
I begin this write up by declaring that I am not writing in any capacity as a fashion authority or claim to know it all.

Fashion as any other art form does not have wrongs and rights. There can only be common sense.

This article is inspired by my observation (which may be limited in comparism to yours). Sometime back I wrote on Facebook that there is nothing sexier to me than a man who is dressed well.

I am particular about how men dress because unlike women they have very limited accessories (off course they are my sex of interest in all levels that matters.......what do I care when a girl looks sexy)

There was a time when it was ok for your flying tie to consist of a whole yard of fabric (I never fancied it even then) but I think those times are far gone. Likewise if you become a victim of fashion and wear an ultra slim flying tie underneath your suit jacket to work. (When I meet you I will laugh) While ties are generally worn for dressier occasions, you can still wear neckties with your semi-casual attire. Most of the ultra slim widths are more gorgeous when worn to dress up a sports jacket.

Choose ties that are the age of your personality rather than your actual age. However, if you are an older gentleman you should consider traditional widths and lengths. Younger men can be more experimental with their tie widths.

Tying of the knot; unless u are part of the British royal parliament please refrain from the Windsor knot. A thick knot like that makes you look pretentious and stuffy and if you have a thick neck you look plain idiotic.
Colours and Patterns; colours are the trickiest I think. It’s ok to experiment but please do it some amount of common sense.

If you just accepted to be the clown at some children’s party you can decide to wear a blue shirt and a green tie; that is perfectly acceptable but if you are dressing for work please think of conservative colours....dark shades of purples, some blues and ooooh I love a man that can wear pink and make it manly.

Always remember that a neck tie is an accessory so please make sure it compliments the basic clothing item you are accessorizing.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Day 1
Hello, hello Maxwell.
No, this is not Maxwell, This is Edward.
Oh sorry then, I think I dialed a wrong number, am sorry.
Oh it’s ok
Thank you, bye.

Day 4
Hello, this is Edward
Sorry, the guy whose phone you called last week looking for Maxwell
Oh, hi!
How u doing?
Am fine and you.
Great, are you at work?
Where do you work?
A private company at East Legon.
Oh ok, that’s close to me, I work somewhere in the airport area.
Hello, Ok guess you are busy? Would call you later

1 week later
How are you?
I am fine
Are you at home?
No outing on a cool Saturday?
Ok, just called to check up on you.
Thank you.
Bye then, later

5 weeks later
How are you?
I am fine
Are you at work?
Can I take you out for lunch?
Thank you but you missed lunch by thirty minutes, just had lunch.
Ohhhhh, too bad for me
How about tommorw?
Ok, let’s see how it goes
Leave that beautiful stomach for me

10 weeks
Hello sweetheart.
How are you? I miss you
Miss you too, wish you were here.
Same here
Can I see you today after work?
Let’s meet at enda then.
Ok, see you soon.

12 weeks
Am in front of your house
Be out in a bit
Miss me?
Why are you dressed in black?
Went for a colleagues mothers funeral
Oh ok
Go dress up, we are going to the beach

12 Weeks, 5 hours Nite time
Can I speak with Edward please?
He is in the shower
Ok, tell him Akua called.
Oh Akua I would but kindly accept my condolences
Condolences, what for?
I hear you lost your mother, arent you Akua, Edward colleague who had her mother’s funeral today?
Oh…………Yes I am and are you his sister?
No, his sister travelled. I am Janie, his girlfriend.
Oh OK, thank you for the support, kindly tell him I called when he gets out
I sure will, take care.
You too dear.

12 weeks, 6 hour
Akua am sorry. It isn’t what it seems

Phone ringing………………NO ANSWER.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Prince in rusting Armor

He is riding on a brown horse, on a beach dirtied with broken bottles and human excreta. This is being done in slow motion form like an Indian lover singing in the fields to his love. A romantic song accompanies the ride, blasting “ma to nkyemam” by Sony Achiba. He alights from the horse and does a 360 swirl. He kneels before me and places a kiss on my hand. Would you be my queen, he asked. Shyly I looked at him and bam! Its “attention” the mad man in my area.:(

What the hell is attention doing in my dream? My prince was supposed to be a mixture of Denzel, Morris Chestnut and Tommy lee (I need the rough side too)

I remember one of my supposed dating days; Blackie (that is not his original name oh) arrived ten minutes early to pick me from work. He wouldn’t switch off his ignition so the air condition would glaze his glass, he was still in his shades after 6pm.He got out of the car to open the front door for me, I was laughing in my head, first impressions don’t count babes, I said in my head.

Blackie and I went to his fav place and then left to another after spending some hours. On our journey, blacks wanted to buy diesel and realized his money had run out. “ I have to use the ATM, I need some gas” he said, “ cool” I said (in my mind cool meant, who cares? Gas, when did we start saying gas down here)

We stopped at Barclays and Blacks got down with swag to pay Mr. ATM a visit, after 3 mins I realized he looked frustrated, so I got down to go find out what his issue was. Apparently his card had been swolled by the ATM card. Blacks wouldn’t accept it and was pissed like hell. After trying relentlessly to retrieve it, he called one of his friend whom he claims works at the bank. His friend explained to him how the system works and how he has to come back on Monday and begin procedures to retrieve the card. He got pissed and dissed his friend and told him how he works for an incompetent employer and that he was going to sue them.

Instantly blacks had changed from the swagon papa to a scary looking devil. He banged on the ATM machine with his fist and legs. He hit it so hard and he begun to attract on lookers. The bank security personnel were alarmed and got close to him, he begun to ruin insults on them and called them silly and stupid people. Do you know who I am? He continually asked them.

You should have seen me, trying to hide in the ground or better still get in a taxi and run. A police petrol van arrived on the scene. They tried to calm blacks down but he won’t listen , he told them their salaries were equal to his transportation allowance.

The men became agitated , then all of a sudden, one policeman looks at me and says “ nice woman , how can have a boyfriend like this, ei? I didn’t know what to say, shaking my head, smiling, frowning and deeply disappointed at the same time.

After their endless quarrels, blacks realized he could easily be beaten and beckoned me to sit down as he came in to move the car. Silently I sat down and waited till we got somewhere far from our audience and said to him, “ I really had a nice time but sleep beckons, drop me here and I would get a taxi home”, let me drop you, he said. NO! I mean thanks, I live at Dansoman and its far, and I see you are upset, just get home safe and we would talk.

We never had till NOW!

( This is a combination of various dates, if the caps fit sorry! I have access to use of the memories too 

Monday, June 27, 2011

Losing the Pounds:)

So am a girl of my own from head to toe, if you don’t believe ask my brothers CND and PBG and they would tell you how dependent I am on them and their salaries. I have always been a chubby child from my white sneakers days in Association International school to my adolescent days in Aburi girls and my uneventful days in uni.

I have never been “big” or “slim” always somewhere between the two. I don’t ever remember been a size eight, I remember being a size ten from the time I become conscious of my weight. I was a chic then oh! But still the heaviest amongst my friends. I have never had a problem with my weight, I have never felt cast away or sad about my weight, well I just couldn’t see myself being “slim”

I would probably lose all my hips and that I don’t want to. Back in SSS my classmates would tease me that all my butts had enter my hips cos my hips would putrude through my abugiss skirt. I didn’t really know it was an asset until I came to the real world. Anyway sorry, am swaying!

So back to my weight, I have just tried to remain in between some where. I really don’t call people fat cos I think its an ugly word. I use curveous and plum. I do not get offended when some ungentlemanly boys see you and say in Twi (wo aye kesei oh) all I say is its God’s grace and say “idiot” in my head. You don’t tell people they are fat, ok they are fat and so what? What are you telling them for? So they that they slim down and suit your eye and the modern woman figure or you are genuinely concerned about their health. If it’s the first then “ dzi wo fie asem”

When my overly energetic boss decided to enroll us in a gym, it was a funny sight! The guys in my office arrived at the gym with so much zim only to be dezimed after 30 minutes in the exercise. They were panting so hard and the instructor would happily say “ you guys think playing football on Saturdays is enough”
A lot of things set me thinking, for what reasons do we embark on personal journeys and projects , is it for ourselves or for others. A lot of people gym for so many reasons
1. To look good by public standards 2. To keep fit 3. Well cos a boyfriend or girlfriend says so 4. To keep healthy and prevent one from diseases .

Weight is a very emotional topic in Africa especially with the thought of an African body being big and curveous. I sincerely think African woman have the most amazing bodies, they are the model on which Barbie was built. Big up, slim waist and big down, but because of bad personal eating choices we are often out of shape.

Its high time we believe in our bodies and not set out to perfect it but set out to feel good in it.Feeling good in it means walking with heads high, planning to lose that part that we don’t like and not the whole part, check to make sure we are not at risk of getting sick! and eating the right food at the right time.

Am trying to lose a few pounds, well the main reason being that I would love to dance and go down to the floor and pick coins up properly  and that my friend needs a lot of stamina.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


I wish Justin Bieber could sweep me off my feet even though I could probably be his Grandma.

I wish T.I would stop appearing on my dreams and come visit me.

I wish that guy I liked in university didn’t wear those “Santiago” shoes that could hold water, which was a real turnoff.

I wish my friend cupcakes couldn’t stop drooling over someone’s lips and decide whether to go to “Cape-Coast or Ho.”

I wish that man who said to me “same here if you don’t have a boyfriend”, when I said “the camera loves me” will see how amazing i think he is.

I wish my friend A.K got her heart broken early by Chrysler, so that she could have met Shushu earlier.

I wish I could learn all the lyrics to the songs I love, then i would sing Efya’s song in the streets.

I wish my heart didn’t all the parts it has.

Off my wishes and oh, I wish your valentine day sucks.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


When my girl called me this morning that she had received a promise ring all I did was to shout, I didn’t know why, but it felt like the right thing to do.

She gave the rundown of how the event went down, she could not talk, she was full of excitement, and can u blame her? Aww am so happy for her, one of my favorite girls in the world and she sure deserves it.

This whole thing made me reminisce of all the good old days planning in my little room what to do and how to do it.

My Plan
I have to be asked on one knee and preferably in a coffee shop so all the girls would be envious.

A diamond ring won’t be bad (plenty carats oh). For years I have rehearsed my lines and even what the guy would say, it’s amazing how I don’t remember all that because of the stress work puts on me,(so we all say, liars!)

“Small girls are young”, my marriage proposal speech is to be like Uncle Atta’s acceptance speech, who in the world would say that???

Strange all the fantasies we have of our wedding and proposal nights. I say ladies are the best interpretations in the world as well as the best graphic designers, we know where every color would be on that day, the two dominant ones, now some even prefer three.

The dinner arrangements, the gift table and of course the menu which is usually updated as the world changes.

As career women, as we prefer to be called, we have it tucked in our “medullar oblumghata ” (somewhere), hehehe well some do forget, that is the 40 something’s who have no hopes for wedding bliss………..pls no one should attack me oh

Friday, December 3, 2010

Melanie Fiona - Monday Morning Official Music Video

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I got the privilege of sneaking into the Miss Ghana house yesterday. I was hoping to bump into them having dinner so I could join them but my timing was off.

That is my first time seeing all the girls together, the first time was individually at some of their auditions. They look really different, very composed and surprisingly with the same high pitched tone as they all said “Hi” to AK and I. It put a grin on my face 

I met their chaperon, Jennifer Koranteng of Muse; well she’s former Miss GH contestant and Miss Ghana Universe. Jennifer tells me the girls have changed in their manners and now know how to dress and talk properly and most importantly about punctuality, punctuality? I laughed, Ghana mentality u go fit change?

“I now know how to make up and dress properly, which earrings to wear with what and what to say when” Nadja, one of the contestants.

Heels is a common sight in the house as the girls walk perfectly in it (am lying, there was one girl I couldn’t help laughing at) they have it in all colours and don’t even wear slippers when they walking about the house.

I found that interesting and admirable, I asked Esi if she would continue doing that after she goes home, she smiled and said “ it depends on how far I get in the contest”, a very sincere and outspoken contestant, I kina seemed to like her.

The ladies have really TRANSFORMED from whatever to beautiful and trained.

I mean, isn’t that the essence of a beauty contest?, it is an avenue for young ladies to be discovered and sharpened into better ladies, and I believe Miss Ghana has done an amazing job with that.

I noticed how the girls didn’t used jargons like “wanna, gonna” in their speech.

I know all these girls have their little fantasies, winning or participating in the contest would make them achieve, some may want to get a visa and go abroad, open a boutique or a business or some other ( don’t ask me mine)

I had to go home so I had to leave, but not without tasting that delicious looking steak khebab and alvaro I was offered, please next time make it chicken aboloo............................

And oh that white handsome hunk who works with Phamous people (i think cos i saw him loitering about), i got tons of girls for ya.

May the best girl win and rock dem heels

Acknowledgment: Korkor Kugblenu

Sunday, October 10, 2010


What did Kiki think he signed up for, 6 years ago when he told Mimi he loved her.
I have met amazing couples like Shushu and AK, Mr. and Mrs. Dee who make union look easy as ABC. This other couple I met on the day before Nkrumah’s birthday.
This is the case study for all you young lovers.

An amazing young executive (event planner) in a very vibrant industry
Mimi is a wee but short (5”3) I think and butts like a fontonfrom drum. Mimi got taste ,I mean in everything, shoes, bags, clothes and……. drinks.

She knows which one rocks and which one doesn’t. No wonder AK, likes to hang with her, when she is not on drinking curfew.
Attractive, smart, intelligent and very professional, Mimi loves to chill and chill proper. Changing to her Ferragamo (no I think it was Prada that day) okay, so clinging to her Prada bag, Mimi arrived at dinner some minutes late with her partner in crime ,AK, tagging along with a white square box.

Looks calm, collected and a money finder, I mean, he knows where to find the money.
An IT geek, Kiki is one of the guys who doesn’t drink .He arrived at dinner in colorful polo shirt and with business on his mind. He is obsessed with pastries of all kind.

These two together are a blossomed bunch. They tell the most amazing stories, real life intriguing stories
If they seem so perfect, why are they a case study? because they fit despite all odds.
Kiki and Mimi have two different personalities yet they accommodate and understand each other to have a healthy and vibrant relationship.

A passionate Mimi, will kiss Kiki in front of an old man, who probably hasn’t done that in years. Kiki will kiss her as well and will jokingly tease her about her alcohol scented mouth and eye red. Mimi would retort, “that is why you have loved me for all these years” I found that very sweet, Kiki has a deep understanding of his companion, knowing she is a talker, who wouldn’t want an almost perfect relationship with deep understanding of each other?

I have full admiration for this couple who seem to make this baffling union of two so easy, yes! they would have their own issues but they make it look so easy to solve and move on.

I know men and women do not have a full grip on understanding about each other yet ,but coming to a consensus to help each other at the bridge is the best favor both can do for each other.

I believe the relationship before tying the knot is very essential, that is the time your ultimate decision is based on, as for marriage it has it own race course, but if u build yourself a better car like a BMW or a Nissan pickup (that is my fav car, fix in your fav car) with a good engine that doesn’t consume too much petrol, you would certainly have a good ride, speeding when necessary and slowing down when you have to.

Don’t we all want something like that? Do we all need something like that, Don’t we all deserve something like that……………..answer for your self

To Kiki his drunken love is his princess, “his woman” as he puts it in his own words.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Is it still funni?

I love TV and I don’t spare my eyes for any thing to send bad signals to my brain.
I love Visat 1 because of their very great movies and serials they show especially Greys Anatomy , the show where medical professionals only sleep with each other( acknowledgments to my friend), but I love the Game, friends, girlfriends and all their investigative movies.

I watched an episode of the one show which dealt with Autism, Albinism (I love the way it sounds and I love their color) and excerpts of the new comedy show laugh a minute which I have some issues with.

David Oscar the presenter, a good friend of mine didn’t do anything but ‘bore’ me to the core.

He was on the show to explain to viewers the concept behind the show and its different aspects.
I think David looks very good now, rosy cheeks and all; I must say my friend u looked good!

David cracked a few jokes and sincerely I don’t think he is hot anymore, what kind of jokes were those?

Joselyn said something that I think she might not even know its weight, stressing on the fact that David is not the only funny person (comedian) in Ghana, this should make the producers of the show work extremely hard, yes he is not the only one and certainly not anywhere close to funny.

David jokes and excerpts from the show were dry and not punching, the beginning of his jokes is heightened and creates excitement to a certain level and drops especially at the end making the listener very disappointed and confused, this would be called an anticlimax in theatre..

I have always had an issue with David’s opinion about Nigerian and Ghanaian comedians. He made a point about how Ghanaian comedians are looked down upon which I believe is certainly not true.

I remember reading an interview from the showbiz some months ago about his displeasure of a particular event organizer not using him for comedy shows, event organizers are in for the money so if you don’t cut it ,how do you get in?

Even my “boyfriend” Yaw Sakyi gets a chance to crack jobs on big stages, and then I think everyone gets a fair chance.

Laugh a minute- The Premier

Facial expression
David’s facial expressions in the montage really puts me off, I sincerely believe that they are supposed to get us ready to laugh a minute. but in reality we end up hating the minute.

The presenter tries to crack jokes before introducing the clips, these jokes turn out to be unridiciously not funny, I wonder if the presenter and the producers of the show find them funny, if they do ,then we, no! I better talk for myself,my cousin, my D friend and I have lost our sense of humor.

The Foreign Clips
I was particularly shocked at this, how could they do this to us? What is it with these old looking and not funny clips, either copied from youtube or where ever. They could have a lesson or two from KSM. David’s commentary behind the scenes makes it even annoying.

Camera Angle shots
I don’t know whether to ask the camera man or the editor, I cant understand how whenever the presenter turns to the right or left camera, we see the movement before the shot. I mean he is instructed to look at the left or right camera before or after each paragraph, but in this case we see his back turned to us viewers before the shot is actually shown, please producers take note, I don’t think we enjoy seeing David’s profile when talking to us and suddenly we see his back whilst he is still cracking the joke

I think Visat 1 should be open to writers all over the country and not try necessarily to bring up their own concepts, with their platform they should give us better things to view in connection to their local content.

Don’t anyone try to get attached to my views, masa if u think other wise free your mind.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Whip my hair- New Begining

I really want to have a haircut, with my changing jobs and all, I think it’s a new beginning for me or something else I can’t explain.

My grandfather says I shouldn’t because am young and won’t have any hair if I grow up, but I know he is scared cos my grandma (his wife) has no hair left, well not because she cut it when she was young, she has never had any.

I once grew my hair to have dreadlocks and my mum wouldn’t hear of it, so I permed it, but now I really wanna cut.

My mum has really nice short hair with streaks sometimes purple or grey and I love it.

I tried to have Lydia show me where she got hers, only to know that she does it herself and a few times goes to the salon. Like I told her if she ever wanna quit acting, she could try barbering.

I went net surfing and had a few ideas, I probably would get it at Exotic trends but how do I know what would suit me?

Help moi decide!!!

pixs: Lydia- Capture
Jada,Rihanna,Estelle- Google

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Miss Ghana: New or still old?

I wanted to take part in Miss Ghana this year but I was disqualified even before I had the chance to audition, so am hitting the gym, even though I haven’t started ,because the gym instructor keeps on inviting me to dinner, I feel like he is going to over touch my body during exercise.:)

I got home early enough to catch Miss Ghana Kumasi Auditions yesterday, again watching with my Grandpa who was constantly asking about his pizza.

Pa na pa na(read it like a song) wow, I love the new layout and picture quality , hmm Miss Ghana seems good. I noticed a few changes, well apart from the layout and picture quality. Phamous people got MWK covered, I love the montage and the scary looking guy: It works!

It has a new presenter, DEBBIE.

I saw her at the Malaika launch cohosting with Naa Ashorkor, it’s a good idea she went for Miss Ghana because it’s no good trying to out shine your selves, look at the presenters for project fame, the lady always under shines.

I think she’s pretty and eloquent but seems very careful. Well we would not know if she ever makes a mistake because it is recorded and edited but she seems extra careful with her words, madam Debbie, work it, I think you can do it, not that my opinion matters:)

The judges: Nicola, Habiba and Lydia.

I love Nicola, she’s got the most interesting facial expressions, I like her judging. Doesn’t talk much, she looks very keen like she sees something more interesting in the girls than the other judges, even if she’s not saying anything she looks clever :), At a point I though she seemed “bored” with the other judges.

Habiba, she seems cool and i think she can’t speak twi, ( she didn’t get the twi joke) however she seemed a little lost to me in the course of the audition.

Lydia the bubbling judge, she got what she wanted: FUN, she was shown how to dance “Azonto,pe pe pe pe” ( I hate that dance). She had quite a happy day, laughing at everything the girls said. Sarcastically laughing at that girl’s joke made me feel sad for her, Lydia made me feel like I was watching an acting audition.

Nicola’s fine but don’t know if Habiba and Lydia were right judges for the audition: naaaaaa, don’t think so.

The girls: what is wrong with them? This is Miss Ghana for god’s sake, the most prestigious crown in the country. They appeared like they were joking. Look at that Azonto girl? Where is she going to do that, Miss World?

I really don’t understand why or how you would go for an audition unprepared. A few seemed appropriate and I guess they got selected.

I saw a popular model in there *wink* but am not talking.

Am still watching …………………..and I know it would get better, and it’s a NEW great look for Miss Ghana, MWK nice try!

I wanted to add something else , but don’t remember, if you remember please do add. Mwuah!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Malaika: Blame them or us?

Last Sunday was probably my second time of watching Miss Malaika on Gtv. My grandpa frowned the whole time through the show as when he saw the ladies made up and in fashionable clothes, there’s something I don’t understand about that man: he does not like any ladies clothing except long sleeves and maxi skirts. You should have seen him, puckering his mouth and continuously asking me in Akuapem Twi:” wo si den”? (what are they saying) as if he doesn’t understand English.
I didn’t catch the beginning but I think I didn’t lose much. I like Naa Ashiorkor’s and the contestants make up, good! I was amused by the names of their teams. I started watching from the quiz, entertainment to be precise.
I was damn shocked, the girls didn’t know the names of most of the Ghanaian musicians. I could not believe it. Not even Mac Tontoh who died recently and was more popular than ever, for god’s sake girls!
They seem to know the names of the entire foreign artiste ranging from Halle Berry, Alicia Keys and Jay Z’s song and others. Naa Ashorkor seems to have been disappointed, but, can you blame them?
When Akosua Agyapong’s song was played it seemed to them like wow? Who is this?
I kinna found it amazing, but really who is to blame; I mean we barely hear a lot of Ghanaian songs on radio these days unless it’s hip life.
Well, all I think is that we all must educate ourselves in whatever subject; I thought it would have been pretty shameful if a foreigner was watching that show especially one who studies African studies at Legon and walks almost barefoot……..those ones are sharks.
Wat ya think?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


A decibel is widely known as a measure of sound pressure level, but is also used for a wide variety of other measurements in science and engineering, most prominently in acoustics, electronics, and control theory. (, if decibel is a measure of how loud then the message from Canoe was loud as a vuvuzela and clear as crystal- Promoting Quality Music in Africa

A ridiculous meeting at Tema left me perplexed, but I had to be at the show. I had to see Efya and Nneka by all means. A quick shower and my make up spirit did the trick.

I was pretty late but was just in time to see Gena’s last performance “I thank you”. In my ears she sounded like a gospel artiste, truthfully that was my first time listening to her.

Then my eyes drifted to the seats, gosh! They were 70% empty, where was everybody?
I had to get a great sighting seat, the first person i saw before seating was the” Great” Ameyaw Debra whose eyes were focused on the stage, in his soft voice, he said ‘hi Jay’ and smiled .

I got a great seat and put on my second eyes. My friend Luscious asked me “where is everybody” home I said.

Let’s look at the line up for that concert
Nneka -Hip Hop / Soul / Afro-beat music
Bibie Brew- Jazz Diva
Efya- Afro-Neosoul artiste
R'n'B - Gena West

The crowd was a mixture, proudly Ghanaians, wannabe eccentric lads, elites and those who don’t know where they belong yet. Amongst the crowd were those who didn’t know jack about any of the artiste present but wanted to mix with the crowd, the music fanatics and the “Hi, I know you on face book” friends

"I don't think everyone who didn’t' come to the event didn’t like the kind of music, but I think a greater number of Gh- ians do not.

I saw this dude sleeping as Bibie performed, I could not believe it, my friends luscious and brown sugar thought the guy probably came with a free ticket. I called a friend who was with me at the event only to hear: Aha ye de “in the background, geez! the chap slipped out of the auditorium as Bibie performed.

I cast my mind to my entering when I saw Kubolour at the entrance(burger Kubolo, welcome back ), anytime I see him and his chaps, I wonder, do all those people who follow him appreciate and understand his music ?or they just do so cos he looks cool to follow.

When granted interviews, artiste in gh repeatedly say” I want my music to go Africa and beyond” what is Africa and beyond? I strongly believe that we must learn to appreciate other music genres and in turn others would enjoy ours.

“When the music changes, so does the dance”. African Proverb. We must clean our acts to be accepted worldwide. Has our dance ever changed? From Highlife to Hip life to hip-hop to………… how has our creativity grown as artiste and listeners? I am not a music expert or critic but a lover.

Why do we love music? Is it to wriggle our waist or just dance “ atopa” to it?
It is the rhythm of life, it was at the beginning and will command, direct the course of life till the end .Every bit of our lives has music in there directing us, but have we the ability to be able to hear or sense it or follow its biddings ? (Acknowledgments to Kojo Blebu)

I believe music is a message carrier and one of the best forms of communication, the carrier should not matter whether Ghanaian, Nigerian, French or American. Let the sound of what you love travel with you in time, reminiscing experiences and memories.

As Efya rocked the crowd, I recall spotting Sefa Gohoho of CE and wondering what was going through her head, was this an event loss or gain? A GAIN for sure, as I saw the satisfaction on most faces after Efya’s act, it testified to the fact that starting an empire is as hard as nut. You need to work it …………..,seduce it and indulge it- (borrowed from Eve Ensler- from Vagina Monologues), apply that to Gh-ains

Canoe Entertainment, you tried.

Photos by Guud Kelly

Monday, August 23, 2010

Nothing nu -Eya

Nothing nu (Efya) - Museke African song lyrics | Museke

My favourite ever

Efya -The Lone Star

Friday, August 20, 2010

Nneka - Heartbeat

Eminem - Love The Way You Lie ft. Rihanna